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Berlin High Schools: The Big Fear for the Right School Place – School – Berlin

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

The way to the wish school is narrowing, because there is more competition: 2018 start around 26,500 seventh graders and thus about 500 more than last year. The more they have to fear, until they learn in May, if they are taken at their desired schools. The districts need this time for the lottery and for the distribution of the second and third wishes. However, the anxiety is unnecessary for many sufferers – namely, if their Erstwunschschule has fewer applications than places: In this case, you can sit back and relax. Many parents pick up the phone to make sure. Some districts and also the education administration are struggling with the transparency of the registration numbers: they do not want the names of the least popular schools to be known. Other districts such as Neukölln, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Tempelhof-Schöneberg and Lichtenberg are still in the arithmetic or have not yet returned. On Monday, therefore, only the following incomplete intermediate status was obtained: First, always the number of potential seats is called, behind the number of applications. CHARLOTTENBURG-WILMERSDORF The birth-poor district has only four over-demanded schools and altogether much more places than Erstwunsch registrations. For now, the education office does not want to reveal more. FRIEDRICHSHAIN-KREUZBERG Some highlights, but several schools lack acceptance. "Many parents have not yet heard that the Emanuel Lasker school has a gymnasiale upper school and that the Albrecht von Graefe school cooperates with the Robert Koch Gymnasium," commented the education office the situation. At the Refik-Veseli school, a new high school has led to a turnaround in connection with a new direction, a merger and participation in the turnaround program.Ellen-Key-Schule 104/180 Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule 144/206 Hector Peterson School 75/27 Lina Morgenstern School 100/59 School at the Königstor 66/43

Emanuel Lasker School 100/91 Georg Weerth School 75/48 Refik Veseli School 75/106 Albrecht v. Graefe School 72/48 Ferdinand Freiligrath School 75/25 Andreas School 98/114 Heinrich -Hertz School 30/48 Dathe-Schule 64/85 Leibniz School 128 / 172Robert-Koch-Gymnasium 96/90 Hermann-Hesse-School 96/125 MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF Melanchthon-Gymnasium 96/112 Rudolf-Virchow-School 175 / 225 Ernst Haeckel School 150/248 Kerschensteiner School 50/32 Gretel Bergmann Community School (GemS) 100/111

 Jean Piaget School 125/70 Georg Klingenberg School 100/54 C. David Friedrich School 104/143 Joh. Julius Hecker School 100/101 Konrad-Wachsmann School 100/82 Wolfgang-A. -Mozart-GemS 100/34 Tagore-Gymnasium 160/122 Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium 64/71 Wilh. V.-Siemens-Gymnasium 160/148 Sartre-Gymnasium 160/75 CENTER The school authorities did not want to "lack of reliable figures" express. It is clear, however, that the John Lennon High School is again in great demand: 195 applicants for 128 places. If you bring at least a 1.3 from elementary school, is safe in it, among those with a 1.4 must be solved. Who has no luck, then still comes in the regular lottery. PANKOW Here it shows where it leads when parents choose "strategic": The 2017 extreme demand dwindled, so this year some places at the Primo Levi Gymnasium were left vacant. Instead, according to reports, the Carl-von-Ossietzky, Heinrich-Schliemann, Max-Delbrück, Käthe-Kollwitz and Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasium are overrun. In general there are no high school places in Pankow, while there are enough secondary school places. Strongly Asked Questions: Kurt Schwitters and Heinz Brandt School. REINICKENDORF The school authorities would not like to issue registration numbers in order to prevent "stigmatizing less demanded schools". But the demanded schools remained unnamed. However, it was said that three more secondary school classes have to be set up, while the Gymnasium places are enough. SPANDAU Spandau just said that, as always, there is a strong over-demand for the most popular secondary schools for years – all with upper secondary school. The situation at the grammar schools is more balanced: Only the Freiherr-vom-Stein has a slight over-demand, it was said on Monday from the school office. Martin Buber School 156/330 Bertold Brecht School 200/280 Carlo Schmidt School 145/160 TREPTOW-KÖPENICK Merian School 125/246 Anna Seghers School 100/141 Fritz Kühn School 100/60 Isaac Newton School 100/71 Wilhelm-Bölsche-School 100/61 Hans-Grade-School 100/90 Sophie-Brahe-GemS 100/108 School at the Dahme 100/122 Grünauer GemS 125/165 Archenhold-Gymnasium 128/114 Anne -Frank-Gymnasium 160/124 Alex.-v.-Humboldt-Gymnasium 128/93 Gerh.-Hauptmann-Gymnasium 128/144 Gebr.-Montgolfier-Gymnasium 160/139 Emmy-Noether-Gymnasium 96 / 86The procedure that takes effect if there are more registrations than places, it will be explained on the homepage of the education administration.


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