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Basketball Eurocup: Alba wins 73:65 in Limoges – Sport

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Alba Berlin's coach Aito Garcia Reneses was sure to be in the league after the clear victories in the last leg of the league games: the Eurocup against CSP Limoges would be a tough match for his team this time. And he should be right, as his team had a long time to fight in the eleven French champion, but now he has a good starting position in the important 73:65 (15:20, 23:14, 16:13, 19:18) victory Fight for the move into the best 16.Albas captain Niels Giffey opened the game with a threesome directly from the jump ball and thus gave the way for a temporeiche initial phase. It was only when the fouls were increasing on both sides that the game came to a halt. The energetic gait made the Berliners first, especially Dennis Clifford, however, with his physique on the board against it. While Limoges continued on tempo and partly wild throws, Alba was more and more an orderly game. Five points from Spencer Butterfield, including a three-in-a-half play behind Stefan Peno's back, provided a 38: 34 lead at half time. The already weak three-man squad of both teams would make the host from France more difficult than ever the Berliners, became especially clear in the second half. Berlin just came over Luke Sikma under the basket again and again to free points. When Butterfield at the beginning of the last quarter then threesured for the first two-digit lead, the match was decided.


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