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  Bannon wants "to continue to go to war for Trump" – Politics | Bit Updates
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Bannon wants "to continue to go to war for Trump" – Politics

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Donald Trumps, a populist chief strategist Stephen Bannon, has vacated his place in the White House, but wants to serve the US president in the future. Still on the day of his departure, Bannon announced that he would "continue to go to war for Trump". The news page "Breitbart" announced that Bannon would return there in a managerial capacity. "Now I have my hands back in the arms," ​​said Bannon in an interview. In his conversation with the news page "The Weekly Standard", Bannon explained that the presidency of Donald Trumps was history. "The Trump presidency for which we fought and which we have won is over," Bannon said. The moderate forces in Congress would now win over the surface. Trump would be even harder to put his agenda through. He immediately announced that he would put pressure on all opponents of the populist and nationalist policies he had fought. This also includes established Republicans. "I will smash the opposition," said Bannon. "The Republican establishment is not interested in Trump's success," said Bannon. "They are not populists, no nationalists, they have no interest in his program. "The US government had announced Friday that Bannon had reached agreement with John Kelly on his resignation. "We thank him for the work done and wish him the best," explained Trumps spokeswoman Sarah Sander.Bannon is considered a vehement representative of the nationalist economic policy of the president. In the middle of the week, the 63-year-old had interrogated North Korean policy Trumps by categorically excluding a military option to resolve the conflict. Trump reacts furiously, reported media. Suspected to have leakedBannon had also for some time suspected to have passed confidential information from the White House to media. Among his internal adversaries are the more moderate and economic-liberal forces in the team around Trump, such as his father-in-law Jared Kushner, economic advisor Gary Cohn, and safety consultant Herbert Raymond McMaster.Bannon, together with Stephen Miller, is the architect of the "America First" strategy Trumps. The co-founder of the arch-conservative Internet platform "Breitbart" had joined the Trump team before the 2016 election campaign and took over the leadership of the election campaign. He is credited with a decisive share in the rather surprising arrival of the real estate miller in the White House.

Video18.08.2017, 20:00 Uhr00: 19 min.Trumps ultrarechter Chefstratege Bannon leaves the White HouseThe departure of Bannon is the highlight of an extremely turbulent week in Washington, in the Trump mainly due to its reaction to right-extremes excesses in the city of Charlottesville to the crossfire of the Critics. The controversial attitude of trumps, which did not clearly condemn racists and extremists, met with criticism around the world. There was also resistance among the Republicans. Party heavyweight Mitt Romney, a former presidential candidate, urged Trump to apologize. On Friday, Washington was speculated as to whether Bannon's departure could be followed by further personnel changes at the White House. The conservative advisor Sebastian Gorka is considered a candidate. CNN reported, citing circles in the White House, staff boss Kelly was not finished with his personnel restructuring. Also Carl Icahn goes. In the meantime, the investor Carl Icahn has resigned as an advisor to US President Donald Trump. He did not want a dispute over his role to burden the presidency, Icahn wrote in a letter to Trump on Friday. Icahn had repeatedly been accused of being in a conflict of interest because his recommendations could be positive for his own business. "We've been working on Trump's warfare," the entrepreneur and billionaire had earlier supported Trump, and is considered a confidant of the president. Trump had only resolved two advisory boards with corporate heads only on Wednesday after several members had resigned in protest against his statements on the right-wing violence in Charlottesville. Shortly thereupon, the president also dropped plans to establish an advisory body for the infrastructure. Trump has announced to put a trillion dollars in the construction, modernization or repair of roads, bridges and airports. The project is one of its important projects in addition to a health and tax reform. Analysts, however, are skeptical as to whether Trump will be able to implement his plans in the face of numerous quarrels. On the US stock exchanges, the prices fell. (Dpa, Reuters)


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