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  BACKGROUND: Opel is set to launch into electric and global future | News | Bit Updates
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BACKGROUND: Opel is set to launch into electric and global future | News

Thursday, November 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

RSSELSHEIM (dpa-AFX) – The Opel have long been waiting for a vain rehabilitation concept for their company, after all, writes the car brand with the lightning for nearly 20 years continuously losses. 19 billion euros, so it has Carlos Tavares added together again, to make the meeting the seriousness of the situation clear. "What has been tried in the past 15 years has not worked." Far more than 30,000 jobs have disappeared in this time, the market share of Opel in Europe has shrunk from almost 10 to less than 6 percent, recently only bought with a record number of self-registrations. There is not much going on at Opel in Rsselsheim, despite Umparken in mind. Well so Opel boss Michael Lohscheller undertakes the umpteenth attempt to drive the traditional company back into profitability. However, offers him the new owner, the French PSA (Peugeot) Group with the brands Peugeot, Citron and DS, but a few options that were not available to the old mother General Motors. PSA boss Tavares, who now wants to expect the same Rosskur now the German subsidiary Opel, says from the own "near-death experience" only a few years ago. PSA is exemplary profitable and the factories busy, after every fourth job was canceled. Profitable, global and electric should also be Opel, said the former CFO Lohscheller, the last thanks to existing PSA technology is probably the easiest to meet. In the cost reductions, all parts of the company are in demand, the marketing as well as the purchasing and the miniature top team, but primarily the factories.Opel wants to make his processes easier: In future, there are only two vehicle platforms instead of nine so far, combined with four instead of ten Drive families – on the bottom line, significantly less, but profitable models. In future, electric motors will fit in well, which is why rescheduling in Rsselsheim and Eisenach are rather good news for the local workforce. The lion's share of technology including engines and gearboxes will come out of the shelves of the three times larger PSA Group, albeit each Opel model designed in Rsselsheim shall be. "Germanness", so a German appearance, should radiate any Opel, says Tavares, who hopes to additional sales arguments in the export markets. For in the middle of the coming decade, every tenth Opel will go to export outside Europe. A goal that Duisburg Auto Professor Ferdinand Dudenhffer thinks is ambitious. Nobody waits anywhere on Opel. "" German Engineering has an excellent reputation worldwide, and in my opinion it is quite possible to build a German-style PSA-based car, "says the car Expert Felix Kuhnert from the auditing and consulting firm PwC. Crucial is the availability of high-quality assistance systems, in which the French and the German car industry are far ahead. On his way Lohscheller has to take the workforce and the strong trade union IG Metall. It is therefore inevitable that he does not immediately burden the master plan with dismissal announcements. Rather, he and Tavares promise the 38,000 Opelians that there will be no operational announcements and factory shutdowns. The labor costs have to go down by other means, without anyone would say at Opel, with how many people because the 800 000 cars can be built, which will in the future for reaching the break even. Gengages, partial retirement and short-time work to relieve the payroll, too The mass reduction of 40-hour contracts to the agreed 35 hours is planned. "Lohscheller has put only half of the cards on the table," says Dudenhffer. The General Works Council and IG Metall welcome the strategy and want to establish protection against cancellations and closure of plants as far as possible by 2020. Utilization of the plants remains the biggest problem, possibly even more severe, if in the future sales in the sales department are paid close attention to conventional prices. "It should clearly go to volume," expects expert Stefan Bratzel from the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach. A turnaround was possible. "Opel has to put off its loser image and make its cars a bit better than the competition." Tavares agrees the Opel workforce on a very high conversion speed and so the reorganization program is finally "Pace". "It must be very clear that we have only made 5 percent and now have 95 percent of the implementation in front of us," says Tavares at the presentation of the plans at the Opel headquarters in Rsselsheim. "The situation is dramatic, we should say so without further ado." / Ceb / DP / stb — By Christian Ebner, dpa —


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