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Autonomous electric car: Seven German universities work on steering wheelless e-car

Thursday, March 8th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    The whole project as a sketch.
                (Picture: unicaragil.de)
             UNICARagil is the name of the project, which is now being co-ordinated and coordinated at RWTH Aachen University. There, the successful street scooter was born.


        Seven German universities want to work together for the next four years to develop an autonomous electric car. The vehicle should do without steering wheel. The centerpiece is the computer, which is networked with sensors of the vehicle, sensors in the road and other vehicles, as the Institute for Automotive (ika) at the RWTH Aachen on Thursday announced the beginning of the project UNICARagil.
In Aachen, the electric delivery scooter Streetscooter has already been developed, which Post is now building for its own deliveries. The city car e.Go, also developed in Aachen, is scheduled to go into production in May.

From Stuttgart to Brunswick UNICARagil is joined by the RWTH, the TU Braunschweig, the TU Darmstadt, the TU Munich, the University of Stuttgart, the University of Ulm and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Commercial partners include Atlatec, FlyXdrive, iMAR Navigation, IPG Automotive, Schaeffler Technologies and VIRES Simulation Technology.
Appropriate concepts for autonomous driving required a departure from established architectures and processes, explains the project. "The prevalent in the automotive industry and proven in the last 130 years methods of evolutionary evolution of existing systems and concepts will therefore have limited success."
Bonds from the IT industryTherefore, the latest results of the research on electromobility as well as on automated and networked driving will be used to develop autonomous electric vehicles for a variety of future application scenarios. "It takes bonds from the IT industry with their fast development cycles and updating mechanisms," it continues. Based on a modular and scalable vehicle concept, consisting of Nutz- and drive units, which can be adapted to a variety of applications in logistics and passenger transport.
The main focus of the work is the functional vehicle architecture, which is networked with the cloud, the road infrastructure and information bees, ie drones as flying sensor clusters. The project will develop generic sensor modules for environment detection, a flexibly expandable and update-capable software and hardware architecture as well as dynamic modules for individual steering, driving and deceleration of individual wheels, which should allow completely new forms of movement in road traffic.

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    The Streetscooter Work has a peak power of 48 kW and a continuous power of 38 kW. The range is 80 km. (Image: Deutsche Post DHL)

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    The car can be pre-ordered since May 2017 … (Image: e.Go Mobile)



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