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Autonomous driving: General Motors wants to test without a wheel

Friday, January 12th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    View in the cockpit of the Cruise AV
                (Picture: General Motors)
             In 2019, General Motors plans to send autonomous cars to the streets of US cities that have no steering wheel and pedals.


        General Motors says it is with its autonomous cars that they do not have to equip them with a steering wheel, pedals or other manual controls. The car company has claims to have requested the US Department of Transportation for a waiver to be able to publicly test the vehicles without a real driver is on board. The tests are expected to run next year.


          GM test cars
          (Picture: General Motors)

    So far, the rules require that during test drives always a trained test pilot takes care and intervene if necessary. General Motors says the fourth generation of his "Cruise AV" cars based on the Chevrolet Bolt are technically mature enough to do without a guard. So far, the cruise cars are being tested with drivers in San Francisco and Phoenix.
Patchwork Up to now, the US states of Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada have been testing cars without steering wheels and pedals. California, home to many high-tech companies, is on its way to allow driverless autonomous cars for road traffic. At the moment, there is a consultation phase, the new rules could come into force this year in May. In particular, the Alphabet daughter Waymo had urged to change the rules, as they see it as an obstacle to innovation.
That's what the US House of Representatives has responded to. With a law passed in September 2017, it wants to ensure that the patchwork of different state regulations is unified. The Self Drive Act or similar bill still has to pass through the Senate before the rules can enter into force in a revised or revised form.


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    View into the interior of an autonomous car, as GM imagines.
     – Source: General Motors




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