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  Attacks in Belgium and Great Britain: IS recalls knife fact in Brussels for itself – Politics | Bit Updates
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Attacks in Belgium and Great Britain: IS recalls knife fact in Brussels for itself – Politics

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

After two knife attacks against security forces in Brussels and London, the investigators assume a terrorist background. An attacker shot dead in Brussels on Friday night had the addition of a firearm and two editions of the Qur'an, as well as the weapon, the local prosecutor announced on Saturday. Born in 1987, he was called "Allahu akbar," when he attacked three members of a military patrol from behind. "The events were classified as attempted terrorist murder," declared the Belgian Prosecutor. A terrorist specialist investigator had taken the case. At night the apartment of the alleged assassin had been searched in Bruges. According to official data, he was not known for terrorist activities before, but he was struck in February because of a nonpolitical violence. The jihadist militia Islamic state claimed the knife fact in Brussels on Saturday night. The attack on the Belgian soldiers had been carried out by a "soldier" of the IS, wrote the IS propaganda body Amaq. In the Declaration, the IS established a link between the attack and Belgium's participation in the international military alliance to combat IS in Syria. The offender followed a "call for an attack on the coalition states," it said. With a sword attack on police in London In London, the anti-terrorist unit of Scotland Yard also took an investigation against police officers in front of the Buckingham Palace on. The police said that the arrested perpetrator had repeatedly called "Allahu Akbar" before the attack. He had used a sword about 1.20 meters long and had been rendered harmless by the security forces with irritant gas. In the attack, the three unarmed police officers were easily injured. The 26-year-old perpetrator was interrogated on Saturday. According to the investigators, he came from Luton, north of London, where search was ordered. He had been on the Friday evening, two hours after the attack from Brussels, before the palace of Queen Elizabeth II in the center of London, and had stopped near a police car, Before he pulled his gun. The Queen stayed in Scotland at this time. In the last few months Islamist attacks had been repeated in Great Britain. At the end of March, a supposedly Islamist assassin had killed five people in the center of London. On May 22, a suicide bomber killed 22 people with a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester. In June, three attackers on the London Bridge raced with a van into a crowd. Subsequently, they stuck indiscriminately into humans in an adjoining nightlife. They killed seven people and injured 48 more before they were shot by the police.

Brussels is increasingly a terrorist targetBelgium is considered a high-rise of Islamic extremists and is always the target of terrorist attacks. In March 2016, suicide bombers in the Brussels Underground and at the airport, 32 people were killed. In August a year ago, a man in Charleroi attacked two policemen with a machete. At the time, the IS also confessed. Belgium still has the second highest warning level. In public squares and in the subway regularly patrols military.
On Friday evening, according to official reports, the attacker attacked three soldiers on the Boulevard Emile Jacqmain in the city center, around 20.22. Two of these were easily injured. One of the soldiers opened the fire on the attacker and hit him two times, as they said. The man later died in hospital at his injuries. He lived in Belgium since 2004 and was granted nationality in 2015. The investigators do not want to give any further details for reasons of investigation. Minister President Charles Michel reported on Twitter and expressed his support for the Belgian military. The security forces remained vigilant, he wrote. The Brussels prosecutor's office routinely initiated a preliminary investigation because of the use of firearms by the soldiers. According to the first findings, it was a case of self-defense, the authorities said on Saturday. The corpse of the alleged assassin was imprisoned. (Dpa, AFP)


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