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Attack on Halloween: The Terror is Back in Manhattan – Politics

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

At first everyone thought of a Halloween joke. "There's someone shooting," people shouted. "Away from here! He has a gun! "Sirus Minovi, a 14-year-old student from the private high school Stuyvesant in the southern part of Manhattan, also believed in a trick on the witches' party first. However, it was deadly serious. Saifullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbekistani man, had plowed a bicycle lorry through a cyclist and pedestrian over a 1.5-kilometer bike lane, killing eight people and injuring eleven. Then the van rammed a school bus and stopped. Saipov, carrying two weapons, got out and was shot and arrested by police officers. "Allahu Akbar" – God is great, Saipov had still called. The authorities assume that Saipow acted alone, but possibly was inspired by the Islamic State (IS). The Christmas Market plot of Berlin or the Nice truck stop, both carried out by Islamist extremists, may have served as role models for the act. Among the fatalities in New York were, according to media reports, five Argentinians and one Belgian. On a video on American television was the bearded offender with two handguns to see; one weapon, according to media reports, was an air pistol, the other a paint pistol. The student Sirus soon understood that it was not a joke. A passer-by had approached Saipov to reassure the perpetrator, the boy told The New York Times. Then the man had seen the weapons in Saipov's hands and had zurückichenichen.Ein patrolman stops the perpetrators with a belly shot That the worst terrorist attack in New York since September 11, 2001 shortly after was over, is due to a patrolman who happens to be near the Collision between delivery truck and bus was. The officer shot Saipow in the stomach before colleagues rushed at the offender and held him to the ground. He came to a clinic. The police hopes to hear Saipow soon. The vehicle: a rented pickup truck. Photo: Don Emmert / AFPThe Usbeke had come to the United States in 2010 and had settled in Florida, where he was granted a residence permit. Later he moved to New Jersey near New York. Why he rented the white van at a hardware store on Tuesday, drove to Manhattan and killed innocent cyclists is not yet known. According to press reports Saipow was known to the authorities – why, remained unclear. IS defeat in Syria increases the risk of attacks

Islamists from Central Asia have already committed several serious attacks by the IS. For example, one of Saipow's compatriots killed 39 people in a nightclub on the Bosphorus during New Year's Eve in Istanbul. According to the New York Times, French IS members called for attacks on Halloween on Monday. The news channel Fox News reported that in Saipov's delivery van, handwritten notes had been found on which the perpetrator of the IS was known. In addition, either a black IS flag or a picture of the flag in the car sein.Video01.11.2017, 07:52 Uhr00: 24 Min.Acht dead in attack in New York – injured GermanFest was that Saipow had selected a crime scene, the In the US, the memory of the catastrophe of September 11 immediately awoke: the financial district of Manhattan, where Islamist offenders flew 16 airliners 16 years ago in the towers of the World Trade Center, is very close. After the recent defeat of the IS in his "capital" Rakka in Syria is expected to see jihadists stepping up attacks outside of Syria, said Adam Schiff, the opposition Democrat chairman on the House's intelligence committee. Schiff spoke of a "virtual caliphate" that wanted to found ISIS. Rights attack Democratic immigration policyThe attack should rekindle US debate on immigration restrictions for people from Muslim countries. President Donald Trump had demanded a general entry ban for Muslims from around the world in the election campaign, and after taking office in January, made several attempts to ban people from certain Muslim states. The plans for a Muslim ban were partially stopped by the courts. For an immigrant like Saipow, the Muslim ban would not have been given anyway, because Uzbekistan is not on the blacklist of affected states. However, sharp criticism of the government's decision by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama has been voiced in right-wing circles. Saipov entered the country seven years ago allow. Obama has allowed "animals" to enter the US, wrote a Twitter user. Others attacked New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who provides refuge for illegal migrants in the traditionally liberal metropolis.

Trump himself commented on Twitter that the perpetrator is a "very sick and disturbed person". At the same time, he instructed the Department of Homeland Security to tighten immigration controls.


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