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Art installation in Berlin: Aleppo Memorial erected in front of the Brandenburg Gate – Berlin

Friday, November 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

13 meters long, the three buses will protrude Friday night into the sky of Berlin on the square of March 18th. The Brandenburg Gate is, without Quadriga, only seven meters higher. The art project "Monument" by the German-Syrian artist Manaf Halbouni has been set up there since Friday morning and is scheduled to remain until 26th November. The opening is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The installation is meant to commemorate the civil war in Syria. Inspired is the whole of a barricade, which was built in Aleppo for protection against snipers: Three zerschossene buses, installed vertically between bombed buildings in a street canyon. Previously stood "Monument" from February to April in front of the Frauenkirche in Dresden, where there were massive Protests by Pegida supporters and right-wing extremists. Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) even received death threats and the police had to protect the bus sculpture. He does not know how Berlin reacts, said the 33-year-old artist in an interview with Tagesspiegel, but "the capital is different," said Halbouni. While for Halbouni Dresden was above all a symbol of post-war reconstruction, Berlin has another aspect in it, he says. Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate stood for reconciliation – first destroyed by the war, then divided by a wall and finally reunited. Yes, please! Three heavy transporters brought the buses in the early morning hours on Friday in front of the Brandenburg Gate. There they are placed on a pre-cast foundation with cranes. In each bus there is a steel structure designed by architects and structural engineers connected to the foundation. The construction work is expected to take the whole day. For this purpose, parts of the square and the street in front of it are closed off. But cyclists and pedestrians can continue through the Brandenburg Gate during the work. Once the barriers are gone, people should handle the memorial without fear. Pictures, selfies, videos are welcome and should be "shared with the hashtag #Monument in the social media", says the artist. How it will continue after November 26 with the discarded buses, it is still unclear how Manaf Halbouni explains. He himself wishes, however, that the artwork be exhibited in other European cities – such as in Coventry in the UK. The twin city of Dresden was bombed by the Nazis during the Second World War.


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