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ARD-Doku "The unknown terrorist": Who was Jaber Albakr? – Press Releases

Monday, October 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

On October 12, 2016, the Syrian Jaber Albakr was found hanged in his Leipzig prison cell. At that time, he was Germany's most important prisoner-a suspected terrorist of the Islamic state. His target: the airport Tegel in Berlin. His death: the inglorious ending in a series of unprecedented authority failures. Thus, the ARD series "Story in the First" intones the remarkable report "The Unknown Terrorist" aired a year after the events on this Monday evening. The case of Jaber Albakr raised many questions. Did Prosecutor General Peter Frank take the proceedings too late? Does it need federal prisons for terrorists? Have Leipzig officials left Albakr alone in his cell? All of this has been discussed in the weeks and months after Albakr's death, and the day-to-day history has also been reported in detail. How could the accumulation of mishaps occur? The authors of the WDR and MDR-produced film – Jan Schmitt, Arndt Ginzel, Naima El Moussaoui and Tarek Khello – want to know in particular: Who was the 22-year-old Syrian? Did he already enter the country as a cold-blooded terrorist? Was he acting alone? And, of course, how could this unbelievable accumulation of inconsistencies, failures and breakdowns occur? The reconstruction begins in Damascus. There, the ARD team speaks with Albakr's parents, who are publicly public for the first time. His father wipes with smart phone pictures with Jaber Albakr, tells about his electrical engineering studies, but also how a part of the family fought on the side of Syrian ruler Assad, the other for the rebels against the IS. Abbakr first escapes via Libya Italy, from there goes to Germany. In the Saxon town of Eilenburg, he has an apartment with other refugees. A former roommate remembers that Albakr was very self-employed, but otherwise very unobtrusive, by no means particularly religious. The reason for the radicalization is the fact that Albakr, after his recognition as a refugee, was suddenly on his own. He lived from then on in his own flat without roommates and tutors. A situation with which he was difficult to cope, the parents, who despite his homesickness were advised to tell him, remain in Germany. Was the orientated man so in the catches of Islamists? Why did he travel twice to Turkey, once with a long journey to Syria? The makers of the film find a contact in Syria, which reports that Albakr received a terror education in the time in Rakka.

The LKA of Saxony was overburdened. Back in Germany he lost his apartment, arrives in a hotel, where he leaves the first terrorist notes, because he handles with aggressive chemicals. The hotel informs the authorities, the process becomes record-like. But nothing more happens. After a note of a "friendly intelligence service", Albakr is in the visor of the constitutional protection as he goes by bus to Berlin and apparently spies the airport Tegel on possible stop targets and later ordered various chemicals. Later, the expert commission convened by the Saxon state government will find that the BKA should have taken over at the latest. In fact, the leadership remained in Saxony, which was thereby overwhelmed. As the arrest is to take place, Albakr succeeded the flight, because the forces of power fail on nearly all levels, as the expert commission again will determine. After all, Peter Frank, the prosecutor-general, also addresses the questions of the ARD reporters such as Hans-Georg Maa├čen, the President of the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection, and Herbert Landau, who, as a former constitution judge, had led the expert commission. On the other hand, the Saxon Minister of the Interior, Markus Ulbig, is not even in a position to answer the questions to him in writing. The arrest of Albakr finally owed the police to the spirit of the presence of three other Syrians who handed it over to the authorities of 1.5 kilograms of explosives would probably have cost many lives. "The Story in the First: The Unknown Terrorist", ARD, Monday, 10 pm 45


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