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Apple's Two-Factor Authentication: Restore Key Returns

Friday, October 6th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Apple's two-factor authentication: recovery key returns



          06.10.2017 15:01 UhrBen Schwan

            Resetting a password from Apple.
                (Image: Apple)
              If you do not want to rely on Apple's "Account Recovery" process, you can also generate a recovery key for Apple ID two-factor authentication. Quite simply, however, this is not.
            With macOS 10.13 alias High Sierra as well as iOS 11, Apple forces users to use its "two-step confirmation" to use the newer (and more secure) two-factor authentication to protect their Apple ID. The procedure, however, had a disadvantage: the so-called restoration key, an alphanumeric code with 28 digits, no longer existed. With this, it was possible to reset an Apple ID without having to go through Apple's multi-day account recovery process – for example, if this was stolen by an attacker.
But Apple has now reintroduced the restoration key thankfully. How iOS 11 Upgraders, who previously used the two-step confirmation, report this, as part of the automatic conversion process. In addition, Apple has released a corresponding support document, which explains how to get the recovery key. Its activation is only available on devices with iOS 11 or High Sierra.
On iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, go to Settings "Password & Security". There you will find the new section "Restoration Key". This can be activated by slider. Then use "Use Restore Key" and confirm with the device code. The recovery key is displayed and should be noted immediately. A confirmation will follow. On the Mac, the recovery key is activated in the "iCloud" area, as well as "Account details" and "Security". Again, the usage must be activated and the recovery key must be re-entered.
The restoration key also has the advantage that the account is better protected against Apple itself. After creation, other methods for account recovery are disabled. "After that, your recovery key is the only way to reset your password or re-access your account," Apple said. "Keep in mind that if you lose your recovery key, you may not be able to access your Apple ID account, so it is important that you keep your recovery key in a safe place."
Read more about two-factor authentication at Apple here:


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