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Apple Watch may detect signs of diabetes

Thursday, February 8th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    Apple Watch on the arm.
                (Picture: dpa, Kay Nietfeld)
             In a new study, heart rate data from the watch correlates with early signs of diabetes.


        A study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), along with the start-up cardiogram suggests that heart rate measurements by the Apple Watch may reveal first signs of diabetes.
Neuronal network is evaluatingTherefore, around 200 million sensor measurements were used for a total of 33,628 person-weeks from the Cardiogram app for the Apple Watch – from around 14,000 participants with and without diabetes. Even Android Wear devices were used, but there is the application of the company for only a few months. In addition to heart rate data, additional steps taken and activity values ​​recorded by the watch were included. The data was then fed into a neural network that has built cardiogram ("DeepHeart") and machine evaluated.
The result: The algorithm was able to differentiate with an accuracy of at least 85 percent, based on the available data between people with diabetes and without. According to the cardiogram, the study shows that it could be possible to detect at least early signs of diabetes with consumer devices such as the Apple Watch or Android Wear devices – Garmin and Fitbit hardware is also conceivable. According to official statements, more than 100 million adults with diabetes or precursors of diabetes currently live in the USA. 88.4 percent of people who are in the so-called prediabetes phase are undiagnosed and therefore remain untreated. Here could a warning about Apple Watch & Co. to encourage to go to the doctor.
Watch detects atrial fibrillationCardiogram had previously shown that data from the Apple Watch can detect cardiac arrhythmias. Apple is currently working with Stanford University on a method to detect atrial fibrillation with the clock.




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