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Apple signs patented waterproof notebook keyboard

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Image: Apple / United States Patent and Trademark Office (uspto.gov))
             Because of its flat notebook keyboards, Apple has some criticism plugged – some users complained about jammed keys. Now a patent application reveals how the manufacturer could seal keys against contamination.


        Apple has submitted to the US Patent Office the design of a sealed keyboard designed to withstand water, dust and crumbs. This is reported by The Register. However, if and when such an advanced keyboard will appear in an Apple product is completely open.
The patent application "Ingress Prevention for Keyboards" (PDF file) describes several variants of how the movable mechanism under a key could be protected by a membrane or seal against contaminants such as dust or liquids.

Bound buttons, difficult cleaning


          Three variants of sealing the keys to prevent the ingress of liquid and minute particles.
          (Image: Apple / United States Patent and Trademark Office /uspto.gov))


In the compact MacBook introduced in 2015, Apple had installed a modified keyboard, the keys are flatter and larger, have a new mechanism ("butterfly" mechanism) and the narrower spaces are apparently vulnerable to dust and dirt. At the very least, many users reported pinching buttons.
Apple has since acknowledged that cleaning a dirty "Butterfly" keyboard is quite expensive. Meanwhile, the company also installed the new keyboard in the MacBook Pro series – again to the chagrin of many users. In the 2017 introduced MacBook version of the manufacturer has revised the keyboard mechanism.





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