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Apple Keynote in the Live Ticker – Hoping for the Super Smartphone iPhone X | Please select a reason. Message

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates


10 minutes left until the beginning of the Apple event. The official stream shows so far only the thumbnail, however, as usual, Apple has already switched on the music, in order to shorten the audience the waiting time.
 6:45 pm

In recent years, the new iPhones presented at the Keynote were usually available from the Friday of the folk week in the shops. Whether the iPhone X synonymous but will be so, is questionable, because in the run-up rumors about production difficulties and a much later sales start the round.
 6:39 pm

In the past, Tim Cook repeatedly emphasized the importance of technologies for Augmented Reality in the future. Will we see today new AR apps for iPhone and iPad or as a complete surprise even a complete, new AR device?
6:31 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook is already excited before the big event. "It's a great day," he twittered in advance.
It's a big day at Apple! We are honored and thrilled to host our first keynote at the Steve Jobs Theater this morning. pic.twitter.com/gyiqPJB46y- Tim Cook (@tim_cook) September 12, 2017
 6:22 pm

It's the same for the present press representatives, they can take their seats in the newly built "Steve Jobs Theater". There should be space for 1,000 journalists.

 6:15 pm

This is how users react to the upcoming big event on Twitter:
Tonight then the long awaited #Apple #Keynote. iCan't wait! 💓- Lea (@LeaOfTheWild) September 12, 2017
I'm afraid of # Keynote. Now I do not need a new iPhone. Still – bananarama (@lehoenie) September 12, 2017
It is dressed. I'm curious as a child before Christmas Eve. 😃 📱 # iOS11 #AppleEvent # AppleEvent2017 #AppleKeynote # Keynote- Daniel (@deedallas) September 12, 2017
Program Preview! … #apple #keynote # iPhone8 pic.twitter.com/5l8Njg6a7C- Karsten Angler (@KarstenOnAir) September 12, 2017

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, is already on site.
Ready for the excitement. (@ Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino, CA) https://t.co/lT1xDVeyQ4- Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) September 12, 2017
 5:48 pm

With the iPhone X, Apple wants to regain second place in the smartphone market. The company had to hand it recently – to another competitor from the Far East.

 5:18 pm
 On the official Twitter account of Apple, which exists since 2011, but only just last year, shortly before the Keynote was verified, there is, by the way, still yawning void. Whether the first official tweet will be sold in the iPhone anniversary year?

Should the speculation confirm that Apple presents not only one, but three new models in the evening, which play in different price classes, one could attest the iPhone Group a clever business strategy. Then the company would have namely iPhones for every purse in the market.


If the event is running, investors are likely to take a close look at the development of Apple's stock in New York. Usually, at the share price during the keynote, it is quite clear how investors and analysts rate Apple's announcements. However, the development in the coming weeks is likely to be significant. Because the Apple stock has already gone up before the keynote, perhaps after the event many investors take profits.

Currently, the US tech stock market NASDAQ in Apple titles is a slight minus.


A well-known Apple analyst, by the way, was thinking about how Apple could convince its customers, even at a four-digit entry price and switch to the new iPhone. His suggestion: "Freebies".
 15:32 h

Over the past few weeks, the rumored new super iPhone has already been rumored and speculated. In particular, the prize was hotly debated. According to Apple, the device should set new standards, even at the selling price, which will probably be more than 1,000 dollars. It is due to Apple's biggest competitor Samsung.

On Twitter is speculated about the Germany launch of Apple Pay.
#Apple has invited representatives of German banks to the event on 12.09.17. Probably not without reason. #ApplePay 🇩🇪 # iPhone8- Ehssan Khazaeli  (@EhssanKhazaeli) September 11, 2017

Siri himself had previously learned the information:
14:41 clock

Has an accidentally live web page revealed a possible new Apple product, which so far had no one on the screen? The blog "9to5Mac" reports that the credit card issuer has disclosed information about a cashback promotion. Excluded from the action are the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8+, the iPhone X Edition, the Apple TV, the Apple Watch Series 3 as well as the iPod touch (7th generation). Experts have not anticipated a new iPod in the run-up.

It is unclear whether the credit card operator used only placeholder products. Finally, the new iPhone will be called "iPhone X", but not "iPhone X Edition".


The event will take place this evening: on Apple's new Spaceship campus in the newly built "Steve Jobs Theater".
Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock.com

13:27 clock:

The Apple Store is offline. This is common practice before any keynote since Apple in the background already the new products in the online shop.

1:12 pm:

In addition to maybe three new iPhone models, Apple will probably also present news on the Apple Watch, where one finally hopes to equip with an LTE module. Also with the Apple TV the company should give up – a 4K resolution would be desirable here.

12:26 h
What can Apple fans look forward to? The keynote will be entirely in the sign of the new iPhone. A few days ago a leak caused excitement: Maybe we would introduce the company from Cupertino tonight not only one, but even three new iPhones!

11:45 AM:

Our finanzen.net editorial team accompanies the presentation of Apple's latest products as usual at 6:30 pm. According to speculators, fans and investors will expect a show of superlatives – after all, the flagship of Apple, the iPhone, celebrates its tenth birthday in 2017. On the occasion of this anniversary fans expect at least a new high-end device.

Whether the IT giant from Cupertino can disappoint, meet or even beat the expectations and how the Apple stock will react to the event, which takes place for the first time in the "Steve Jobs Theater", you can find here live in the finanzen.net live ticker to the Apple Keynote.

Editors: Marco Prati / Shutterstock.com, Justin Sullivan / Getty Images, screenshot Twitter, Screenshot, Uladzik Kryhin / Shutterstock.com, Apple


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