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  Anti-Semitic Abuses: Fire Protection for Israel's Flags is Possible – but Not Wanted – Politics | Bit Updates
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Anti-Semitic Abuses: Fire Protection for Israel's Flags is Possible – but Not Wanted – Politics

Monday, December 18th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Whether media have helped to make the AfD big? Of course they have. They've also helped make Trump, Apple and vegan diets big. They grow up, which is exciting or quarrelsome. Last week, they helped to make the occasional burning of Israeli flags big. It was not important. But tall. Chancellor Merkel made it clear that she was ashamed. "The state must intervene by all means of the rule of law against it." The President rebuked the torchlight as un-German. Minister of Justice Maas said something, but surprisingly did not announce a new penal law. Why not? It would be the means of the constitutional state that Merkel spoke of. Anyone who "denigrates" the German flag – ie also burns it – can be punished with imprisonment up to three years, Section 90a of the Criminal Code. Who destroys foreign flags at the age of two, Clause 104. However, this provision protects only flags that show others, whether in their own front yard or at the consulate. Bringing one to the demo and setting it on fire is unpunished – that's what they call freedom. Basic rights are defense rights against Nazis. They could be restricted. As you know, Israel is not a state like any other for Germany. His sovereignty symbols could be protected like those of the Germans. Even the "denigrate" would be punishable. The Federal Constitutional Court would join. It has often stressed that the fundamental rights are active defenses against Nazi thinking and hatred of the Jews. The restriction of freedom would be small. Israel criticism is conceivable without a lighter. And even the worst antisemites can be expected to set flags with Star of David at home in the basement or not even set it alight. There is another thing that you can burn. It is therefore that Angela Merkel let her spokesman say hollow words. She tries rhetorically "all means" to actually do not have to use these. Merkel critics from the AfD zone would even say: She is lying again. Sharpen what has been deleted? A white lie. For in legal terms, a dilemma opens up. In a few days, paragraph 103 will be repealed, insulting foreign heads of state. As a lesson learned from the Erdogan-Böhmermann conflict, it was agreed that such an honor guard crime was premodern. If that is the case, then the flag paragraph 104 would have to be deleted, because at the core it serves the honor protection of states. This was left relaxed because Böhmermann was mischievous with Erdogan but not with the Turkish flag. A flag clause for Israel would thus exacerbate a crime that has been deleted in principle. Merkel will be clear. But she has to react. So she says something that sounds big but not big.


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