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  Anti-Israel demonstrations in Berlin: Flag show against anti-Semitism – Politics | Bit Updates
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Anti-Israel demonstrations in Berlin: Flag show against anti-Semitism – Politics

Monday, December 11th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Those who demand demonstrations for the deaths of humans and the extermination of a whole ethnic group, can not speak out on the usual demonstration folklore – everyone knows that in street protests around the world will be exaggerated. No. When, in front of the Brandenburg Gate, "Death to the Jews" is chanted again and again in fanatical chants from a large crowd, this has nothing to do with the anger about the American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel. Then there is the naked hatred, antisemitism disguised as anti-Israelism, recounted predominantly by Palestinians and Turks living in Germany, as observers describe the process.This is the Arab world, and especially the Arabs living in Palestine for the chance, if only a small one It is understandable to feel cheated on by Donald Trump's decision in favor of a two-state solution in the Middle East. The diction of the American president is blurred, with several interpretations: did he mean all of Jerusalem when he announced the transfer of the message from Tel Aviv to there, or is there any talk of West Jerusalem, which is true for the eastern part of the city? still the option to be one day the capital of a state of Palestine? Overruns of a red lineBut even this interpretation attempt would start the debate on the wrong end. Out of 136 countries worldwide who recognized a Palestinian state in 1988, 21 still refuse to grant Israel the same status under international law. These include all important Arab nations except Jordan and Egypt, which have made peace with Israel: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, the Arab Emirates, and almost all the major Muslim countries, including Iran. They all follow the program of the radical Palestinian Hamas, which wants to destroy and annihilate the state of Israel. Anyone who hears the slogan "Death to the Jews" against this background knows that everything that is being shouted is serious. Germany, as the country that gave birth to the Holocaust and therefore sees itself as having a special historical responsibility for the state of Israel, can not ignore these demonstrations without comment. The issue of the criminal relevance of burning the Israeli flag does not matter if it brings someone to a rally. This applies to all flags, regardless of which country. In the case of the flag of Israel, one might even see, but a sedition, because those who burn the flag of Israel and call it "death to the Jews", through the combination of both very clearly show what they really want. And that is absolutely intolerable in Germany. Politicians, above all the public, must react to such overshoots of a red line. To show clear rejection in the face of an aggressive demonstration is difficult for many. It has a lot to do with civil courage, and that is sorely needed here. Anyone who defends themselves against this anti-Semitism shows, by the way, yes, no sympathy for Trump's Jerusalem decision. At any rate, there can be no room in Germany for hatred of Jews, for any reason.


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