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Android distribution: Android 7 outdated Android 5

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    (Picture: dpa, Andrea Warnecke)
             Android 7 is now represented on more devices than Android 5 and is likely to put in the next month to the top of Android 6. But the current Android 8 remains below one percent.




          Google statistics from the 7 days before December 11; it lacks versions below 0.1 percent. Not included are devices without Play-Store access such as the Amazon tablets, most smartphones in China and CustomROM devices without GApps.

    Android 7 is now represented on 26.3 percent of all evaluated devices and has pushed itself as the second strongest Android version before Android 5 (25.1 percent). In the previous month was 7 with 23.3 percent in third place after Android 5 (26.3 percent), only in November, this version is past Android 4. Leader remains Android 6 with slightly falling from 29.7 to 28.6 percent share. This is evident from Google's monthly statistics of the Android distribution.
The current Android 8 is only slightly increasing from 0.5 to 0.7 percent, although some devices with Android 8 are now on the market and get the first older (except Google's Nexus and Pixel models) updates. For the first time appears Android 8.1 (API27) in the statistics.
Nothing changes for developers. They reach over 90 percent of all devices with apps for API19 (Android 4.4), and over 80 percent with API21 (Android 5) and just over half with API23 (Android 6).




Wileyfox: British Smartph

                         (Picture: Wileyfox)                                            The future of Wileyfox is uncertain:

Civey Survey on the House

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                         (Photo: ec.europa.eu)                                            Austrian Data Protection Supervisor Andrea Jelinek

ROUNDUP 2: SLM Solutions

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