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"And deliver us from all evil" # 76: The meeting on the golf course – Politics

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

What happened so far: publisher Schwarzkoff is in danger after the murder of Freypen and the death of the investigator Lawerenz. He is the last of the old friends. In 100 parts until the Bundestag election in 2017, the Politkrimi "Und erlöse uns von alle Üblen" appears online as a continuation of the day. In the wake of that night, when she heard him moan loudly, Jens-Peter Schwarzkoff came to his wife, strangely torn and absent-minded. She suspects that it had to do with the death of Joachim Freypen. They had been friends, but she did not like a feeling like deep pain to her husband. He had no feelings above his belt line, so far she was convinced. Now she is not so sure. Even his otherwise cold blue-eyed eyes suddenly lived, but they did not show a reflection of his soul. Before his sometimes Kinski-insane insane look could be on the contrary even fear. You, of course, not. She is no longer afraid of him. She hates him only. It took a long time before she discovered this hatred as her survival. Now he warms her. Like other people's love. Julia Moser was nineteen years old when she met the great, dazzling-looking guy who was presented to her as Jens-Peter Schwarzkoff during a semester break at the Regina-Hotel in Munich. Already this night she slept with him. He was her fairy-tale prince and the man of her life, the first and the last. Today she would be a bit cynical, and therefore clever, a little different, but only a single word change: Jens-Peter Schwarzkoff was the first and the last. The rich Jurgenudent, who was about to graduate, was reflected above all in his unconditional worship, but he also showed himself at the time. She had the transparent beauty of an Italian countess, which was not so cheesy as Julian's mother, who had died late, came from Milan. The two had an immensely beautiful summer in Munich, and after that Jens-Peter Schwarzkoff had enough of her. But before he found the right moment for his departure, which had never been a problem for him in his previous affairs, his father died. He had to go back to Hamburg and as an almost 24-year-old heir to take over the evening mail. Julia's family belonged to the Adalbert-Stifter-Verlag, and in turn suited ideally to the evening mail. That was why his mistress, who had already left her heart, was back in Schwarzkoff's plans. She was able to separate from her what Julia Moser had broken her heart at the time, but had saved a life by her side. In the first years of marriage she still believed herself to be responsible for her growing misery. For example, because she did not get any children. Until she learned that not her husband, but her husband was barren, her fairy-tale prince had long enjoyed herself on other women and had written them off like a printing machine. Since she was Catholic and had crumbled with her depression in the dark lap of Mother Church, divorce never came into question. What seemed to her husband to be right, for those with whom Schwarzkoff slept, he could not have shown in Hamburg society. Julia, on the other hand, made a good figure. This was what was called these circles. In business, however, the connection was successful, the media companies from Schwarzkoff + Moser, with all their activities, now worth over one billion euros. The wife had been on the credit side, for thirty-six years.

Julia Schwarzkoff had suggested meeting in the golf club. Her husband was at his publishing house, but in the past few days he came home more and more strangely, sometimes even in the afternoon, and then joined in his study. So she could not predict how it would be today. He did not necessarily need to know that she was talking to the official who was investigating the murder of Freypen. Especially at breakfast, where sometimes a conversation could not be avoided, he was angry about this blond Emanze Susanne Hornstein. Julia Schwarzkoff had remembered this, because a woman who found her husband terrible was at first very sympathetic to her.
Georg Krucht says nothing about the ride. Which does not bother his passenger. She does not know what to talk to her strange lover. Lover. How that sounds. It had been a single night, and had nothing to do with love. Somehow it all sounds sticky. Not inappropriately ambiguous this association, but clearly not suited to it. Should she ask him if he is planning to do something tonight? Why not, would her mother now counter, you have not dried up yet, my child. She has long since given up her hope that Susanne could still decide to marry. Women at the age of their daughter were hardly to bring the man. For grandsons, who had always wanted her, it was too late anyway. Krrucht has no idea why his colleague looks so searchingly, he can not know what Susanne Hornstein has just thought. She smokes and shears a devil drum, that he demonstratively opens the side windows. As they advance in front of the clubhouse, the Commissioner remains seated. He will wait in the car. Then he could warn them in time, he notes laconically, should there be a surprising visit. "I am Susanne Hornstein, we have telephoned," and she looks at her. "I am Susanne Hornstein, we have telephoned," she asks the slender woman, who is leaning on a bat on the putting green Opposite of it, unconcealed. Expensively dressed, without fashionable frills, narrow face, in the middle fifty, dark hair, sad eyes. So at least the. Julia Schwarzkoff also looks at her unobtrusively from top to bottom, before pointing to an empty table on the terrace with a hand gesture: "Does it bother you when we sit outside, in the sun it is still quite pleasant." Susanne Hornstein nods, it is obvious that the other woman does not want to go into the house for other reasons, where curious faces can be seen behind the windowpanes. And tomorrow you read: Investigator Hornstein learns more about Schwarzkoff.Hier's to the topic page Who will gradually publish all parts of "And deliver us from all evil".


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