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  ANC crisis in South Africa: "Mandela's heart would be broken" – Politics | Bit Updates
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ANC crisis in South Africa: "Mandela's heart would be broken" – Politics

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Is it the "Zumxit" or the "Zexit"? The South Africans did not agree on that until the end. The fate of scandal-stricken President Jacob Zuma remains unclear after the governing African National Congress (ANC) convened for a crisis meeting on Monday. The representatives of the National Leadership Committee were silent. Will Zuma wear a suit and tie or prison uniform soon? During the weekend, Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke to the South Africans at the Grand Parade – the historic site in Cape Town where Nelson Mandela gave his first speech as a free man exactly 28 years ago. Once again, it could have been a historic moment for the troubled country, Ramaphosa would have announced the resignation of his boss. Instead, he did the same thing he had done for a week: stop the angry people. The political veteran and probably next president of South Africa insists: Zuma must resign without being "humiliated". His second term was marked by scandal The opposition demanded on Monday to bring forward a next week's vote of no confidence against Zuma. In addition, she wants the dissolution of parliament and new elections. "The problem is not called Cyril or Zuma. The problem is the ANC. He must be voted out, and we must give this opportunity to the people, "said Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF). Zuma's second term was marked by scandals and economic wrong decisions. In 2014 he had his villa renovated for 19 million euros in taxpayer money – including swimming pool, chicken coop and amphitheater. He should have helped his children and business partners to lucrative contracts with state-owned companies. Even the national currency edge suffered heavily under Zuma's shorthand actions. "Seeing South Africa like that would have saddened Mandela. As someone who lived for the common good, it would have broken his heart, "said Ndileka Mandela, the granddaughter of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Corruption, nepotism and arbitrariness shape the countryThe question of Zuma's premature resignation split the ANC from the foot soldier to the leading member of the Johannesburg party headquarters. There had been riots last week. Zuma's adversaries and supporters had fought a battle with bricks and truncheons. But not only mass protests exerted pressure on the party leadership. Analysts also fueled the already heated discussion: They predicted that South Africa, under Ramaphosa's leadership, could again experience an economic and political spring. "The wind of change that South Africa and the world are currently seeing results from the outcome of the recent ANC election summit," said Germany's Ambassador Martin Schäfer.

In December, the ANC elected Ramaphosa as the new party president. The defeat of the Zuma camp was considered the first ray of hope: a possible end to corruption, nepotism and arbitrariness. Nelson Mandela's party is in a serious crisisThe next year's freedom movement is facing a debacle in next year's elections – also causing scandals through Zumas. Political scientists suspect that the Mandela party will lose its majority vote for the first time since the end of racial segregation in 1994. Recently, Ramaphosa again increased confidence in the party. He announced that he would dissolve the widespread corruption network, which caused millions of dollars to be withdrawn from South Africa's taxpayer through questionable contracts – an indirect attack on Zuma and its business partners. It is unclear how Zuma is now going on politically. In the near future, he may face court charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering. That the more than 700 lawsuits had been set just before Zuma took office in 2009, even Zuma's lawyer last September described as "unreasonable". According to reports, Zuma's resignation is conditional on the state paying his lawyer's billions in legal fees. In addition, he is said to have demanded a guarded convoy and bodyguards on tax costs. The opposition is angry: "If Zuma demands the utmost security, he may like to live on tax costs in a prison," said James Selfe, Democratic Alliance (DA) board member. South African newspapers reported at the weekend on a possible deal, according to which Zuma could act as a key witness in dealing with the corruption scandals. In that case, the controversial president might get away with it.


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