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  Amazon launches Prime Video as new iOS app – also on Apple TV | Bit Updates
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Amazon launches Prime Video as new iOS app – also on Apple TV

Thursday, December 7th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  Amazon brings Prime Video as a new iOS app – even on Apple TV



          06.12.2017 16:30 UhrLeo Becker

    (Image: Apple)
              Simultaneously with the escalation of the dispute with Google, Amazon has buried the hatchet with Apple: the long-awaited Prime Video app is now available for Apple TV. The retailer had been bothered for years by Apple's terms and conditions.
            Amazon's Prime Video video streaming service is now available for Apple TV. Version 5.0 of the iPhone and iPad app also includes the tvOS version, which can be found via the search in the App Store of the Apple TV – or, depending on the setting, automatically lands on the TV box as soon as the app is on the iPhone or iPad installed.
Prime Video comes as a new iOS app – no update
In Germany, Amazon delivers version 5.0 of Prime Video as a standalone, new iOS app. Existing users of the app apparently do not receive an update, but have to download the new version. In addition to accessing Prime Video's streaming offerings, customers in first countries – including Germany and Austria – can also access movies and TV series purchased from Amazon.
In the US and other countries – but this does not belong to Germany – Prime Video supports the "universal search", so that the search function of the operating system should also be able to find video contents of the service. Version 5.0 of the app is also designed for the iPhone X, where it uses the entire screen.

            The dispute between Apple and Amazon has been held on the backs of customers for years – only now is Prime Video on Apple TV.

        Picture: Apple

According to Amazon, Prime Video is not only available for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4, but also for third-generation Apple TV models. There is no App Store on which the app can refer, Apple would have to unlock this so specifically for the old device.
Long dispute between Apple and Amazon over terms and conditions
The release of announced in June by Apple CEO Tim Cook prime video app for Apple TV overlaps in time with the escalation of the dispute between Amazon and Google: YouTube will disappear on January 1, 2018 from Amazon's Fire TV.
Between Apple and Amazon, there was also a dispute over several years: Amazon has completely redeemed Apple TV 2015 of its own trading platform – even third-party retailers were not allowed to offer the TV box since then. This would have to change now.
Apple's terms and conditions have prevented Amazon in recent years from bringing its own prime video streaming service on Apple TV, said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the summer of 2016. One wanted the in-house video app only on "acceptable terms and conditions" on offer other devices. At which Apple conditions he bothered exactly Bezos did not want to run.
[Update 6.12.2017 16:45 Uhr] Amazon Prime Video also automatically appears on Apple TV 3, as readers report, a reboot may seem necessary. Prime Video supports – unlike Netflix – Apple's TV app, which will come to Germany in December. In a statement, Amazon has also confirmed that Prime Video also delivers content in 4K HDR – this requires the latest 4K version of the TV box.




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