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Amazon Echo Show Under Test: Alexa with Screen

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

                sound quality
                data protection
                huge range of functions
easy installation
visual representation
                bad picture quality
moderate sound quality
unsatisfactory operation
            from 219 euros
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            The smart speakers Echo 2 and Echo Plus have convinced us in the test. Now Amazon brings with the Echo Show an Alexa device with integrated screen on the market. We have tested the smart monitor and revealed how it beats in practice.
Amazon Echo Show: Design and workmanship
The design of the Echo Show is a mix of digital picture frames and clock radios. The upright device is just under 20 × 20 inches tall, up to 9 inches thick and weighs just under 1.2 kilograms.
On the top there are buttons for louder, quieter and disabling microphone and camera. An audio output like the Echo 2 does not exist.

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Amazon Echo Show: Features
The Amazon Echo Show is the logical next expansion of the Smartspeaker. The basic functions of streaming music, retrieving information from the Internet or controlling smart home devices work here as well as there, supplemented at the show with visual presentation.
        The internal camera takes snapshots and allows video telephony to other echo show users.
    When playing music, for example, the song lyrics in karaoke style on the monitor. Although this does not work for all songs, but in a large number. Recipes are not just read, but also presented. An additional feature is the playback of videos from the Amazon video library, YouTube is only available in the US and will probably never run on the Echo Show because of the current dispute between Amazon and Google. Also video calls with other echo-touch users or snapshots are possible.

Technical specifications


Control unit hardware


Bluetooth, WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n




Star / meshed




All in One, voice control, cloud-based, voice output, controlled by app, webcam

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Amazon Echo Show: Practice
Right at the beginning of the setup, the first differences to the audio echoes are noticeable. Echo 2 and Echo Plus are connected by app with the Amazon account and the Wi-Fi. At the show, this happens directly over the touch monitor. The deposit of the own user data and the integration into the home network work problem-free, who wants to get the device already pre-configured. The complete installation is completed in less than five minutes. Then the monitor shows a short tutorial video with some tips and application examples.
        Here the test device plays a title tune – but not the desired video.
    On voice commands the show is very precise; even if we are not in close proximity. As we have been practicing diligently with Alexa and Google Home lately, the service is easy for us from the start. If you have not worked with any of the systems before, you have to get used to it a bit.
Play music, read recipes or lottery numbers works flawlessly. Also, the questions to the nearest post office or the nearest Italian restaurant answered the show right off. How useful this purpose is with a device that is fixed in the living room, is another matter.
        Play videos works flawlessly. The choice is very unconfortable.
    What is not working well at the moment is playing video content. The search for the desired film quickly becomes a trial of patience. By placing an appropriate instruction ("Alexa, play the sandman") the language assistant instead plays the appropriate title tune as an audio file. Other series will find the show, but does not return, because they are not included in Amazon Prime. The purchase of individual episodes is only possible via the smartphone app, but not on the show itself. Strange, because you can easily order products through the device at Amazon. Although Alexa sometimes shows episodes of a series, the voice command for playback is completely misunderstood and the monitor shows a completely different contribution. The selection of a desired video degenerates into a game of chance. At this point, a reasonable operation on the touch screen would have been desirable. This only works very limited. In a language assistant actually not surprising, but if a touch screen is installed, you should also be able to use this.
In addition, Amazon and Google currently have a lot of noise regarding their competing voice assistants. This is mainly at the expense of users. So Google wants to block the Youtube access for Amazon Show and Fire TV from 1 January 2018. This further restricts the playback capabilities of the smart display.
To control the Philips Hue bulbs, the user needs the appropriate bridge. Unlike the Echo Plus, this is not integrated.
        Alexa also tells jokes; These are not always funny.
    Amazon Echo Show: Sound & Video Quality
The sound quality of the most expensive echo variant does not match that of Echo 2 or Echo Plus. Although the Echo Show has two stereo speakers, these can sound but not convincing. Even at medium volume, there is a significant lack of bass. Turning the music to full, it quickly becomes clear that the Echo Show is especially suitable as a kitchen radio replacement. In the living room or party room the show is not really in good hands. Although we have already accused Echo 2 and Echo Plus, but compared to the show, the round speakers are almost ready to sound an Imax cinema. Due to the disappointing sound quality and the lack of an audio output, the screen echo is suitable for maximum background noise in room volume. For reading aloud of recipes or the weather forecast, the sound quality but loose enough.
Unfortunately, the screen of the Echo Show can not convince either. The poor viewing angle stability and the below-average contrast disappoint. Even from two meters away from the sofa, the screen is still gray at most, and certainly not black.
        For directions, recipes or sports results, the monitor is quite handy.
    Amazon Echo Show: Privacy
The opponents of Alexa & Co. are wondering why they voluntarily installed a monitoring system in the house. Proponents and critics in the social networks discuss this topic violently.
Speech-assisted assistants should help shape our daily lives in the future. That would never work, if you could prove the providers improper behavior.
Of course there is a theoretical risk anyway. Anyone who is unsure can still slow down the systems – for example with a traffic restriction. However, this is not easy and requires further knowledge of the network. Black
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Amazon Echo Show: Conclusion
We really like the concept of a voice-controlled smart monitor. Features such as video calling or recipe viewing add real value over the Amazon and Google Audio Assistants. The implementation we like less. The mixture of voice and touch controls confused and not implemented consistently enough. Also, the design that needs getting used to, the mediocre sound quality and the sub-standard monitor speak for a quick shot rather than for a ready-made high-tech device. Amazon is giving away some of the potential that the Echo Touch brings with it.
        A similarity with clock radios can not be denied.
    We firmly believe that similar devices will play a big role in many households in the future. Although the Echo Show is ahead of its time, it can not meet its expectations.
Who is hot on Alexa & Co., should rather see the Amazon Echo 2. Although they forego a visual representation, they have a better sound and cost significantly less.
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