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"Alexa, stop listening to Super Bowl ads!"

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

             Alexa in advertising – a lot can go wrong, as shown by campaigns in the past. Amazon wants to avoid such annoyance when advertising his smart assistant.


        It's Super Bowl weekend. The whole of the United States is eagerly awaiting the American Football League final between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. Ever since the spectacular Apple advertising from 1984, with which the company had announced its Macintosh, is also the advertising in the breaks of the mega event in focus.

        Apple's legendary 1984 spot.
        Giant effort for commercialsCompanies are producing impressive TV spots for the breaks with a huge amount of money and star competitions. Amazon is also in this year. The company has produced a spot for its assistant Alexa. Advertising spots with assistants – but there had been problems in the past. That's how Burger King hijacked Google Home in an ad. And Alexa has already triggered a bulk order on a radio broadcast.

This should be avoided as far as possible at the Super Bowl, which is broadcast live in millions of living room, where some Alexa overhears. Amazon has taken precautions. As reported by American media, it will ensure via acoustic fingerprint that the Alexas will not respond to the activation phrase "Alexa" during the spot, which occurs several times in the spot. Alexa will know that she hears the spot and does nothing.
A new device? In Amazon's spot is an Alexa headphones to see what has caused rumors about a new Alexa device. What exactly advertised the spot in which Alexa loses her voice and numerous celebrities of the assistant lend her voice, the company has not yet announced.
Amazon has blocked its spot for German viewers. You can get it on Youtube but still on other channels. The US news site Quartz has collected all this year's commercials.
In this country, the US spots will not be seen. In Germany, ProSieben broadcasts the event live on Free TV. Kick-Off is at 0.30 am local time at night on Monday.




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