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  After the failure of Jamaica: Do not be afraid of new elections! – Politics | Bit Updates
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After the failure of Jamaica: Do not be afraid of new elections! – Politics

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

It is all right: new elections would be a declaration of bankruptcy of the parties, a sign of their inability to shape a coalition government from a democratically achieved result, a symbol of that ideological stubbornness that triumphantly blatantly trumps compromise necessity, the result of too much in the face of schism Pants before assuming political responsibility, new elections would be expensive, and they could lead to a similar result as the previous election. Da capo al fine. And anyway: do not be afraid of new elections! First of all, being allowed to vote is neither a shame nor an imposition or even a punishment. It is a privilege that citizens in democratically constituted states are envied by the majority of those who suffer from dictatorship and despotism. Such new elections would indeed be a novelty in German history, but one that is perfectly compliant. Until then, Germany is provisionally governed, there is a managing chancellor and a managing cabinet, the store is running. At a time when the country is almost full-time, tax revenues are bubbling and exports are buzzing, a few months or less is not important. Emmanuel Macron may be a little restless, but the European Union has also gone through far deeper crises than this one. The US, a world power, is often politically blocked in election years for a full year. Some patience and the talent for improvisation could be borne by the stability-spoiled Germans. The voter has become more insightful in the dreary, gloomy weeks Decisive, however, is something else. New elections, if they come, take place under very different signs than the previous general elections. They are no longer concerned solely with party political preference, but above all with virtues such as assuming responsibility, the ability to compromise and the ability to govern. In these points, the voter has become more insightful in the past gloomy and gloomy weeks. He now knows who to bet on to increase the chance that at least he will be governed. And he knows which parties, if it comes to oath, prefer to pinch and brazenly disguise this as a character strength.

 Consequently, two attitudes stand in the election campaign: the will to shape, combined with the ability to compromise versus the ideological navel-gazing, combined with rabbit-footedness. One could also say: political maturity versus political puberty. The last election campaign was relatively topic- and tension-free. The next one should become more spirited. He will also revolve around the self-referential refusal pose of FDP and SPD. Reliable poll results on party preferences remain after the failure of the Jamaican probe. It would be a miracle if, despite this shock, everything remained the same. New elections could be necessary. Do not be afraid! However, government formation can hardly be more difficult than it is now.


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