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After seven years of war: How Putin builds his new Syria – Politics

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 | bitcoin updates

After nearly seven years of civil war in Syria, an alliance of three powers is preparing to determine the future of the battered country. This Wednesday, the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey will meet in the Russian Black Sea region of Sochi to vote their Syria policy outside of the UN-led negotiating process. The winner of this development could be Syrian President Bashar al Assad. By contrast, the US, which was not invited to Sochi, are already considered losers. Russian President Vladimir Putin had received Assad in Sochi on Monday evening. But Putin had said that the military action against the "Islamic State" (IS) was drawing to a close, but it was still a long way to a complete victory over the terrorists. The meeting was a signal that Assad's positions should be considered at the upcoming tripartite summit.Other ceasefire zonesIn Sochi, the sixth personal meeting of Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take place this year. Putin wants to talk to Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Ruhani about a political solution and about the "de-escalation zones" in Syria that will be agreed this spring. Recently, Turkish troops, in consultation with Russia, entered the northwest Syrian province of Idlib, one of four previously agreed "de-escalation zones". The three states now want to negotiate the establishment of additional zones, which could subsequently be occupied by soldiers of the participating countries. In addition, work is being done on the convening of a "Syrian National Dialogue Congress" with representatives of the government and the opposition, which is a political solution for Syria with the participation of Assad. Prior to an opposition meeting in Saudi Arabia, the chairman of the High Negotiating Committee of Assad opponents, Riyad Hijab, resigned from his post on Tuesday. Russia and Iran want to enforce Assad's whereabouts in office, at least for a transitional period. Turkey has recently indicated that it is refraining from its long-standing demand for the disempowerment of the Syrian head of state. Ankara bothers Kurdish power increase Ankara is above all about preventing a further increase in power for the Syrian Kurds. The goal of putting a stop to a Kurdish state in Syria and an expansion of Kurdish dominions along the Turkish border is the main reason why Erdogan is so eager to seek cooperation with Russia and Iran – and why he indicates his willingness to remain Assad to accept. Ankara sees no alternative to cooperation with Moscow and Tehran: with the help of the US, Turkey can not enforce its priorities, because the Syrian Kurds are important allies of Washington in the fight against IS.

Russia and Iran aim for a permanent presence in Syria. The military and political plans of the Sochi trio are an unofficial competition to the Geneva UN talks process, which will be continued next week. The US is sitting at the table in Geneva. Shiite arch is approaching. This is a major concern in Israel and the Sunni Gulf states. But a counter-strategy of its protective power, the USA, is not recognizable. A group of US experts led by Eric Edelman, the former ambassador to Turkey, recently warned that without US countermeasures, Russia and Iran would become undisputed powers in Syria. A Shiite arc from Iran to Iraq and Syria to Allied Hezbollah in Lebanon is coming closer. The demands of the Edelman Group include the use of US military power to prevent the reconquest of all of Syria by the Assad government. A more active support for Syrian opposition groups is also recommended. However, this would require a fundamental rethinking of US President Donald Trump, who has stated several times that his interest in Syria applies only to the IS.


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