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After Abolition: First US State Fixes Net Neutrality

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

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             Now that many US states have announced resistance to an end to net neutrality, Washington is now introducing. There, only Democrats and Republicans voted by a large majority for their retention and now followed by the governor.


        Washington legislators were the first to pass legislation to preserve net neutrality despite a FCC decision to the contrary. Governor Jay Inslee signed the rules on Monday after being widely accepted in both Houses of Parliament by Republicans and Democrats, AP reports. This would prohibit Internet service providers from manipulating Internet speeds, restricting access to content, and blocking legitimate content, Inslee said.
The move is in response to the US regulator FCC's decision to eliminate net neutrality. In December, the federal authority stipulated that states and municipalities should not be able to create their own regulations. This should take initiatives like the one in Washington off the sails. But several US states did not want to accept that. While some governors have already signed net neutrality orders, a law has been passed in Oregon prohibiting public institutions from doing business with providers that block or prioritize content or services.

Warning about legislative patchwork observers in the US assume that the dispute will eventually end up in court should Democrats fail to enforce a return to net neutrality in Congress. Representatives of the providers have already warned against creating a patchwork of different rules in the US states.




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