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Afghanistan: Attack on luxury hotel in Kabul – World

Saturday, January 20th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Gunmen attacked the luxury hotel Intercontinental in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday. As a representative of the Afghan intelligence agency AFP said, four attackers in the hotel shot at guests. "The attack is still going on." According to the attackers laid fire on the fourth floor of the hotel. No information was given about possible victims at first. Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danisch said late in the evening (local time): "A terrorist attack on the Hotel Intercontinental is under way, security forces have cordoned off the area." There are no indications of potential victims. According to another, the men are Ministry spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi, entered the hotel shortly after 9:00 pm (local time). They had set fire to the kitchen and entrenched themselves in the fourth and fifth pieces. So far, one has only firefights, but not heard the detonation of explosives vests. Special forces are on site. The station Tolo TV reported, citing unnamed police sources, that the attackers had killed some people, others had been taken hostage. A hotel guest hiding in a room told the AFP he heard gunfire. "I do not know if the attackers are in the hotel, but I hear shots coming from somewhere near the first floor." The access roads to the hotel were closed, as an AFP journalist reported. How many guests in the hotel, remained unclear at first. Also to their nationality, there was no information. Before the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, the house was also very popular with international guests. Their number has decreased. The broadcaster 1TV reported that a conference of Afghan computer experts had taken place in the hotel that day. Around one hundred people participated, apparently also government officials. The Afghan capital is repeatedly shaken by serious attacks and attacks. An attack on the Intercontinental in June 2011 killed 21 people. At first, no organization committed itself to the act. (Dpa / AFP)


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