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  AfD Group in the Bundestag: Frauke Petry's departure surprised his own party – politics | Bit Updates
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AfD Group in the Bundestag: Frauke Petry's departure surprised his own party – politics

Monday, September 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Even before the Bundestagsfraktion of the alternative for Germany (AfD) has established itself at all, the first exit already exists: The party prosecutor and Saxon top candidate Frauke Petry surprised her Monday evening with the federal press conference their own party colleagues with their farewell. She did not want to belong to the new AfD faction. "We should be open to the fact that there is a content disagreement in the AfD," Frauke Petry had said, "I want to actively shape and make realpolitik." Petry did not want to justify her step, she got up and left the press conference. Their party colleagues, the top candidates Alexander Gauland, and Alice Weidel, as well as their Bundessprecherkollege Jörg Meuthen, remained puzzled. "That was not agreed with us," said Meuthen, "I can only apologize. Alexander Gauland could not answer the question of whether further AfD deputies would follow her. "Mrs. Petry went alone, everything else you have to see," he said. He compared the situation with the beginning of the Greens in the 1970s and 1980s. "Our party is a fermenting bunch, now someone has become top-fermented." According to a ZDF-tweet, Saxony's AfD spokesman Thomas Hartung explained his understanding of Petry's decision and spoke of an imminent division of the party. The AfD faction chairman then demanded in the Landtag of Saxony-Anhalt, André Poggenburg, Frauke Petry to leave the party. "I ask her to go through her step consistently and leave the party," said Poggenburg, who is also a member of the federal executive committee. Poggenburg belongs to the right-wing party wing around the Thuringian AfD factional committee Björn Höcke. Opposite is a party closure procedure, behind which also Petry stands.AFD had brought 12.6 percent. The surprising departure of Frauke Petry transcended the celebration mood in the party. 12.6 percent had brought the AfD on Sunday. This is the first time she has entered the German Bundestag. In Saxony it was even the strongest political force.

"We have a clear electoral mandate to control the government as an opposition party in the Bundestag," said Alice Weidel. "This has been badly neglected in the past few years." So the government's refugee policy is not on a legal basis. As one of the first measures in the Bundestag, she announced the plan to request an investigative committee "to deal with the legal crimes of Angela Merkel in the refugee crisis." Video 25.09.2017, 10:43 Uhr00: 31 Min.Petry will not be the "We want more direct democracy." In Switzerland democracy works much better than in Germany, he stated. Alexander Gauland repeated his quotation, the integration commissioner Aydan Özoguz (SPD) was to be disposed of in "Anatolia". Now he conceded that the quotation was "ironic". Apparently the right-wing populist party was trying to convey a more serious impression at the Federal Press Conference. But Frauke Petry's spectacular departure has made the party a dash through the bill. (with dpa)


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