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AeroScope from DJI: Identifying and monitoring drones in real time

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

             With "AeroScope", DJI has introduced a system that utilizes existing technology for the detection and monitoring of drones and, according to the manufacturer, takes into account security and data protection issues.


        The real-time monitoring system "AeroScope", presented today by DJI in Brussels, uses the communication link between a drone and the remote control to record basic telemetry data – including GPS position, altitude, speed or direction of flight and the registration or serial number. Security agencies, aerospace authorities and other authorized parties should be able to use the AeroScope receiver to gather, analyze and process this information.
Tested for monthsThe AeroScope receiver is designed to instantly detect a drone when it is switched on, and to display its GPS position on a map in real time, and to identify the registration number. This number is the equivalent of a drone license plate and can be used by authorities to determine the owner of a drone. Within the scope of its presentation, DJI announced that AeroScope had already been installed at two unspecified international airports since April and is also being tested in other locations.
As drones are increasingly deployed in the day-to-day business of businesses or leisure, authorities want to ensure that they can be monitored and tracked in the airspace when, for example, they are close to sensitive areas such as airports, "said Brendan Schulman, vice president for Policy and Legal Affairs at DJI. "AeroScope meets these requirements with a unique and reliable technology that is easy to use, affordable and ready to use."
In practiceAeroScope is compatible with all current DJI models. The models are said to account for almost two-thirds of the global civilian drones market. AeroScope uses the existing communication link of a drone, additional elements are not required. DJI also offers other drones to configure their drone models with AeroScope to use this technology.
According to DJI, the collected information is only displayed locally on the AeroScope receiver. The dron detection settings will be included in the drone software of DJI to allow pilots to select the content of their own identification. In order to protect the privacy of the pilots, the AeroScope system does not automatically provide personally identifiable information, according to DJI, before regulations or guidelines in the jurisdiction of the pilot do not require this.




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