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Advertisement: Value Stars Germany Certificate – Successful Investment in Small Caps la Warren Buffett | Message

Monday, December 25th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Only the best small caps make it into the Value Stars Germany Index: The analyst team from the letter to the letter "The Investor Letter" has many years of expertise in value analysis and selects the stocks according to strict criteria. By certificate (WKN LS8VSD) you can participate directly in the value investing strategy.

With the Value Stars Deutschland certificate, you can participate in the development of the index, which since its launch in December 2013 has posted an increase of 20.0% per year (as of 31.08.2017). Act now and take advantage of these benefits:
Long-term above-average return opportunities through consistent value investing in German small caps with high potential for value appreciation
High safety reserve due to the focus on
fundamentally undervalued equities, which at the same time
comparatively low correlation to the overall market
Experienced team of consultants with a long-term performance in the model portfolio of the Investor Letter (+ 1.900% increase in value since the issue in June 1999, as of 30.08.2017)

All information about this system certificate

The issuer of the Value Stars Germany Certificate is the issuing house Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft. Further information on the opportunities and risks of an investment, the value strategy and the performance of the continuous certificate can be found here. The analyst team introduces itself to you on the investor letter page.

 All information about the Value Stars Germany certificate

Note: This text is only for investors with permanent residence in Germany. It serves exclusively for information purposes and does not constitute an offer, advice, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell the certificate presented. Of course, the above-mentioned opportunities also face risks, in particular the default risk of the issuer and the price risk of the certificate in the event of negative development of the certificate stocks included in the index. In addition, the historical returns on the certificate do not guarantee future earnings.

It is strongly recommended that investors seek the advice of a qualified financial adviser before investing. An investment decision should only be made on the basis of the information and, in particular, the risk warnings contained in the prospectus documents of Lang & Schwarz Aktiengesellschaft (final terms, base prospectus and subsequences at www.ls-tc.de).

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