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  Accommodation at Tempelhoferfeld: Calculation or charity? – Berlin | Bit Updates
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Accommodation at Tempelhoferfeld: Calculation or charity? – Berlin

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

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"Whitewashing" calls Martina Mauer from the Berlin Refugee Council the advertising campaign of Tamaja. The company operates the emergency shelter on the Tempelhoferfeld and has reported in the large Berlin newspapers yesterday: A big thank you to the 20,000 fugitives who have lived in the hangar since the opening two years ago. "An airport is a place to arrive, but not to stay," it says. "We want to draw attention to the fact that this is about every single person," explains Tamaja spokeswoman Theresa Jocham. Wall believes in a different goal: "Image care – the public is to get a better picture of the operator." He is especially known for the strongly criticized hangar, but has also applied for other emergency shelters. Tamaja CEO Michael Elias does not deny this. "A company that wants to do good needs a strong, stable brand." "The most precarious accommodation in the whole of Berlin" 193 refugees currently reside in the emergency shelter, 84 of them already since 2015. For the Refugee Council the accommodation is "the most precarious in all Berlin". Especially because of the lack of privacy. This is also true of Tamaja. The fugitives are accommodated in six cabins in 25 square meters, without their own ceiling and without a door. The noise level is so high that many suffer from sleep and concentration problems. According to Elias, Tamaja operates the emergency shelter only because she was initially planned as an arrival center, where people stay for a maximum of two weeks. "Otherwise, we would never have taken it." In mid-December comes the move – probably already since September last year, Tamaja is waiting for the date for the then concluded emergency accommodation. It is currently expected to be available in mid-December. "If by then the container village can be moved in front of the hangars," explains Regina Kneiding, spokesperson for the Senate Administration for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs. At the moment there are still building measures. "Tamaja has, however, admirably looked after the fugitives in this most difficult place. The arrival center, also operated by Tamaja, remains for the time being. The Refugee Council also denounces the conditions there that "shock and frighten" people. The Senate administration is already looking for a better location, explains Kneiding. "However, the real estate situation is currently very difficult for everyone in Berlin, also for us."


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