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  A village under the hammer: Who is the mysterious lover of Alwine? – Berlin | Bit Updates
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A village under the hammer: Who is the mysterious lover of Alwine? – Berlin

Saturday, December 9th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

In the end everything happens very fast. Auctioneer Matthias Knake called the number 58: "settlement with village character". The minimum bid is 125 000 euros, but in the morning someone had offered 140 000 euros. Knake asks the people in the room to bid, but no one moves. "First, second, third" – and then "Alwine" is sold. Rarely has the south of Brandenburg received as much attention as in recent weeks. There has been a "gigantic media spectacle" in Alwine, says the mayor of Uebigau-Wahrenbr├╝ck, Andreas Claus, who drove the more than 120 kilometers to Berlin. In his community is the settlement, which has now been auctioned by the auction house Karhausen. Saturday, 12 o'clock, auctioneer Ralf Karhausen opens the second day of the winter auction. The hall in the auditorium Friedrichsstra├če is well filled: half with bidders, the other half with media representatives. After all, there is still a "nice lady" on offer, the man jokes with the hammer, "I do not know if she keeps everything that she promises." Then, once residential and commercial space is auctioned throughout Germany. The auctioneers are in a good mood: "This property is located in Halle, which is on the new ICE route. Here it goes up now. ", They advertise, or" Who wants to have a dacha in Thuringia? "And" On this commercial object, you can build a football field! "Residents are afraid that they will lose their apartments Mayor Andreas Claus stands around a table , He is tense, the same applies to the residents of Alwine: "Many are afraid that they have no more homes for Christmas." They fear an investor who increases the rents drastically. This is unrealistic, admits Claus, but he is dissatisfied: 16 years, the previous owners had expired the homes and can not be seen in the village. Now they want to sell everything profitably at once. "We will check whether we apply the municipal right of first refusal," said Claus. This would allow the community to preempt a sale to an investor. But he also says: "Anyone who thinks he's making a bargain here is wrong." After all, most of the houses are dilapidated and in dire need of refurbishment. At about 3 pm, Matthias Knake calls Alwine, the "nice lady". Photographers and cameramen get in position, radio journalists hold their recording devices to a speaker. Knake announces the current bid of 140 000 euros. "I see no further bid for this bargain." Of the 40 interested in Alwine so only one has decided to a bid. Last night, there was even a request from India, a bid did not give this prospect, Knake then announces the press. Buyer left a note on the fax The minimum bid was only arrived on Saturday morning – by fax and with all the necessary documents , It was someone from the Berlin area who had not appeared at auction so often. He wanted to meet promptly with the citizens of Alwine, he also communicated. And he left a note on the fax: "For the benefit of the inhabitants".


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