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  A question of money: Coalition argues over free schools – Berlin | Bit Updates
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A question of money: Coalition argues over free schools – Berlin

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

In the red-red-green coalition, a dispute over the financing of free schools has flared up. After the SPD faction recently decided to take money from free schools without social mixing to give it to the free schools with more poorer children, the Greens have opted for a different approach: the privately run schools are "significantly underfunded", It says in a decision of the Green Group of Tuesday, which is the Tagesspiegel. They could therefore only finance themselves with high school fees. But this brings them the "perfectly understandable accusation of social exclusion". "Significantly better" In order to change this situation, privately run schools should be financially "significantly better". In addition, free schools and the Senate should develop agreements that would increase the transparency of school fees and "provide a framework for the amount and staggering of contributions to overcome social barriers and create more heterogeneity". Source: Senate Department for Education "Equivalent Partners" The Greens want not only more money, but also a different tone in the conversation with the free schools: "The Senate is called on schools in private ownership, committed to securing the public contract for Participation in the realization of the right to education, to recognize them as equal partners, "formulate the Greens. As reported, there are 27 free schools that receive money from the bonus program because they train over 50 percent of students from families living on social transfers. ·


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