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99 years of statehood: Poland's influence is shrinking – Politics

Monday, November 6th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Poland is going into a proud year. Over the next twelve months, the country commits the recovery of statehood on November 11, 1918 as a result of the First World War. The festivities culminate in the 100th anniversary celebration in November 2018. For 123 years, the Polish state had disappeared from the map. Austria, Prussia and Russia had divided the former nobility republic in the three Polish divisions 1772, 1792 and 1795 among themselves. Poland wants to tie in with the golden age: Influence from sea to sea On the national holiday in the coming week, the speakers in Warsaw and in the embassies of Berlin to Washington to remember the golden age, in which "Poland from sea to sea" ranged and was the most powerful state between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. The ruling national-populist PiS party wants to build on the Golden Age with its Three Seas Initiative. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between twelve Central European countries, from the Baltic (Baltic Sea) to Croatia (Mediterranean) and Bulgaria (Black Sea). Liquid gas terminals are designed to facilitate energy imports from North America and reduce dependence on Russian gas. The traffic corridor "Via Carpathia" from Lithuania to the Aegean Sea is intended to strengthen trade between the "Three Seas" partners and raise self-confidence vis-à-vis the EU, which is perceived as Western European-dominated. Poland sees itself as a leading power, it is by far the largest of the twelve states. Special relationship with Trump is intended to mitigate the pressure of the EUThe PiS government has a great success that US President Donald Trump came to Warsaw for the second meeting in July , on the way to the G20 summit in Hamburg. This reinforces the PiS's belief that it has a special relationship with America that allows it to ignore the EU's criticism of reducing democracy, press freedom and the rule of law. She sees herself in a kinship with Trump: emphasis on the national, protection of the domestic economy from the consequences of globalization, skepticism against supranational organizations, cultural struggle against "fashionable aberrations" such as tolerance for homosexuals and abortion.

In the US, the PiS's love is not reciprocated. Speaking in the US with the masterminds of republican foreign policy and high diplomats who are operatively involved with Poland proves: The PiS's love for Trump is not reciprocated. Ideology is not enough as a solid bond. Poland is a heavyweight in the region. But the attack of the PiS on the independence of the courts, the Gleichschaltung of the public broadcasting, the handling of the opposition in the parliament ring the alarm bells in the USA. Robert Kagan, arguably the most influential neo-conservative foreign policy journalist, calls it a mistake that the US and the EU have allowed the PiS for so long in the hope that it will moderate their attacks on the democratic rule of law. They now have to put pressure on the Kaczynski party together. Poland's attractiveness as a partner suffersThe State Department says: Poland today has less influence on international politics than it could have. The PiS seeks unnecessary dispute with its allies, especially Germany and other EU members, and reduces Poland's attractiveness as a partner. For example, you can only find ways out of the Ukraine crisis if everyone pulls together. The PiS complicates this, because she likes to get on with everybody and nobody wants to see her with her. The reparation demands on Germany, one of the few EU countries looking for compensation with Poland, are problematic. In such situations much depends on the ambassadors. You can dampen or tighten tension. The creeping self-isolation of Poland by the behavior of the PiS government will not cloud the festive mood on Poland's national holiday in Washington. Ambassador Piotr Wilczek is considered a personable person. He is credited with the fact that he wants to move things forward. Poland's ambassador in Berlin fights with spy suspicion. His colleague Andrzej Przylebski in Berlin has a harder time. He is also sociable, at least at first glance, and speaks good German. But there are rumors that he was an advocate of the secret services in the old days. He denies that. Prominent citizens of Berlin, who have been guests at the Polish national holiday for years, ask: Should one go there, in the face of the PiS and its ambassador? An ambassador has the task of approaching those in the host country who are critical of his homeland consider. Only in this way can he explain the misperceptions he laments. The PiS and some of its ambassadors are missing out on this. Poland too is giving away influence. Christoph Marshal is currently working as the first Helmut Schmidt Fellow of the Zeit Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington DC on a project on the future of the transatlantic Relationships.


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