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88 inches: LG Introduces World's Largest 8K OLED Display

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 | bitcoin updates

    8K OLED display with 2.24 meter screen size.
                (Picture: LG)
             Thanks to OLED technology, the 8K display is supposed to display strong colors and rich black – on a screen diagonal of 2.24 meters.


        The Korean manufacturer LG wants to show the world's first 88-inch display with OLED technology at the trade fair CES. It will take place from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas. The display dissolves at 7680 × 4320 pixels and composes its individual images from around 33 million pixels – four times as many as a UHD / 4K display with 3840 × 2160 pixels and consequently 8.3 million pixels. The screen size of the display is just under 2.24 meters. LG has not yet disclosed further technical details. When and at what price the display will be available is also unknown.
Sharp launches 8K LCDSince March 2018, Japanese company Sharp plans to launch its 8K Aquos 8K LC-70X500 television in Europe. Although the LCD-based 8K TV is already listed in the price search engines, a price is not yet known. In East Asia, the device costs around 7400 euros. Apart from the relatively high price, the availability of 8K content is the biggest problem. Although the Sharp TV also scales Full HD and UHD / 4K contents independently, pixel-precise 8K material is needed for a really sharp picture.


          In October 2016, Sharp launched the first satellite receiver for the 8K Super Hi-Vision TV format.
          (Picture: Sharp)

    The Japanese have set the course for this: In Japan, the commercial broadcast of 8K content will begin in December 2018 – to receive the signals in turn special receivers are required. The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics wants to transfer Japan already in the 8K resolution. The first 8K broadcast field trials have been taking place in Japan since mid-2016. Due to the high volume of data to be transferred, real-time processing of 8K content is extremely bandwidth and compute intensive.
German televisionGerman television viewers can dream of such resolutions so far only – here are 720p or 1080i still the measure of the things. Sources of 4K content include free streaming portals like Youtube as well as commercial online services like Netflix, Amazon Video and iTunes. In rare cases, one or the other 4K content can also be found in the media libraries of the television stations, such as "Die Bergretter" in the ZDF-Mediathek.




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