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  70th birthday in Duckburg: Dagobert Duck – the misunderstood speculator – World | Bit Updates
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70th birthday in Duckburg: Dagobert Duck – the misunderstood speculator – World

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

If international financial policy had taken the example of the cartoon character Dagobert Duck, we would have been spared some of the crises of recent years. At least Peer Steinbrück, ex-finance minister, SPD chancellor candidate – and comic fan since childhood. "There should have been more large armored cabinets like Uncle Dagobert, in which the money should have been bunkered instead of flooding the markets and blowing bubbles," the politician said several years ago in the Tagesspiegel interview. Steinbrück is thus opposed to a widespread reading of the Disney character, which is generally regarded as a symbol of greed and avarice and was used in times of financial crisis by the Occupy movement as a symbol of irresponsible wealth. The Erika-Fuchs-Haus – Museum of Comic and Language Arts1 of 15Photo: Lars von Törne07.08.2015 09: 22In the museum you will meet many reincarnations of Entenhausen's most famous inhabitants … PreviousNextAntithesis to the investment bankerNearly the 70th birthday of the drake is coming up. In December 1947, Dagobert Duck had his first appearance in the comic series "Walt Disney's Donald Duck", created by Carl Barks, that American comic author and draftsman who shaped the Entenhausen universe like no one else, especially in the 1940s to 1960s. "Christmas on Bear Mountain" was the name of the episode at that time, in German it was later published as "The Test of Courage". She tells how a rich, ill-tempered Griesgram first meets his nephew Donald and his nephew Tick, Trick and Track. To this day, the Fantastilliardär is one of the most popular characters in the comic world, especially in Europe. And better than his reputation, as Peer Steinbrück finds, who saw the light of day in the same year as Dagobert. "He's not that bad: Uncle Dagobert was definitely not a speculator," says the ex-minister. Beloved miser. Basically he does it right. The money together and a bit stuck in solid factories. Photo: Egmont Ehapa Verlag © DisneyDenn even if the stingy uncle above all his nephew for 70 years makes life difficult – given the crises provoked by the unleashed players in the financial markets lately , one can today boast the old Knauser as an antithesis to the investment banker, who invests only what he has earned himself, and protects his valiant revered like fetishes with all his heart. Investing in a real estate bubble, he would hardly come to mind. However, his penchant for hoarding is not exactly economic. "People who spend money understand nothing of the true pleasures of a capitalist," is one of his mottos. In reality, Dagobert is twice as old

Dagobert earned his talents – also a difference to many a billionaire of the real world – with his own hands. The rise from shoeshine to multi-billionaire began in the late 19th century in Scotland, where, according to legend, Scrooge McDuck was born into a poor but enterprising family. One of the most important works about his life, the comic book "Uncle Dagobert – his life, his billions", created by the US-author and draftsman Don Rosa. So in reality Dagobert is not 70 years old, but twice as old. He earned his first thaler – which he still keeps as a "lucky few" – as a shoeshine. In the footsteps of Erika Fuchs1 of 15Photo: Lars von Törne01.08.2015 20: 52Anisplätzchen pleasing? This specialty of the bakery Köppel is one of the specialties of Schwarzenbach an der Saale, which … PreviousNextAnd made the decision to emigrate to America: "I will be harder than the hardest and smarter than the smartest, and I will honestly up "The archetype of the self-made millionaire American coinage: He developed his fortune on the gold fields of Alaska (a nugget the size of an ostrich plays a central role), as a drover and Mississippi steamer captain. And let himself be guided by some iron maxims like "spare in time, then you have in trouble". Meanwhile, a bank, brokerage offices, railroads, airlines, toy factories and mines are part of his empire. And what they earn ends up in the money bank. To spend it? Unthinkable for Uncle Dagobert. "Then I do not have it anymore." Behind it is always a clever head. Illustration: Rosa in the jungle, in Transylvania, in the Himalayas or on the moon. Carl Barks, Don Rosa and countless other Disney authors and draftsmen created over 35,000 comic pages with Dagobert episodes over the years decades. They hunted the Ducks on Rock Bikes through some of the most exotic adventures in which the Uncle sought to increase his wealth. So she went to the jungles of the Amazon, to Transylvania, to the Himalayas and even to the moon. And time and again, the clan from the settled in Southern California Entenhausen landed in the "Mickey Mouse magazine" or in the "funny paperbacks" even in Berlin: In search of the treasure of the lost Countess to Tarn and Tuxis, for example, visited the feathered family Germany. A clue should be found "where Victoria's wings never close, where there are cannons that never shoot, where the Spree and the Havel connect." The episode was drawn by Jan Gulbransson, the most important German Disney draftsman.

Entenhausen is located in Upper Franconia. In the Erika-Fuchs-Haus there is also a replica of Duck's Geldspeichers. Photos: Lars von TörneDurchobert Duck While the beginnings of the figure in the US, Dagobert Duck is now particularly popular with European comic fans. In particular, various adventures from studios of European draftsmen contributed to this, which are published in the "Funny Paperback" and other publications from the Ehapa publishing house. For example, on the occasion of the 70th birthday on December 1st, a "Micky Mouse Special" special edition on Dagobert Duck and the "Mickey Mouse Edition # 5 – Adventures of Dagobert Duck" in large format with stories about the Glückstaler. On the 5th of December the "Funny Paperback 501 – Gold and Silver I love very much" is published. In the US, however, "Uncle Scrooge", whose name is inspired by the character of Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol", only performs still a marginal existence in the thriving Disney universe. Incidentally, it is thanks to Erika Fuchs, the translator who owes countless quotations to the comic world, who became mere bon mots through their translation. The cognition attributed to the inventor Daniel Düsentrieb "The Ingeniör is nothing to swear" for example.Inspirationsquelle: Even Tagesspiegel cartoonist Klaus Stuttmann Dagobert Duck has repeatedly drawn.Illustration: StuttmannDachobert that it is just an initially introduced as marginalized drake, up Popular among comic artists today is likely to be due to the interplay of characters that continues to spin between Dagobert and his unlucky nephew Donald and his nephew. In addition, the icy capitalist sometimes has a surprisingly big heart – even if he says of himself: "I can not hurt anyone and I can not stand anyone." The fact that a heart beats behind the façade always shows itself when it does for beloved money goes. When he takes a bath in his beloved valleys with comforting expression, we know: This duck is also only human. Note: This article first appeared in December 2012 in the Tagesspiegel and has been slightly revised due to recent events.


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