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460.800 pixels: High-resolution POV-Globe | Make

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

  460,800 pixels: High-resolution POV-Globe



          15.09.2017 15:37 UhrHelga Hansen

    (Picture: Kickstarter)
              At first sight, Edward Catley's POV globe looks almost like an analog globe. 240 RGB LEDs provide colorful colors and high resolution. Until the raspi-controlled device is available, however, it will take a while.
                Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
                from € 34,85
Snow-covered Arctic and deep-blue sea depths – the effects of the Globe of Edward Catley also look impressive on a second glance. But not only the earth, but also other planets, videos or even computer games could be represented on the globe. A prototype is currently on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter to see. However, it will not be delivered until November 2018.

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    The finished globe with wooden panels – alternatively, glass and powder-coated steel are also planned.

The heart of the globe is a black PCB, on the edge of which 240 RGB LEDs are soldered. Each LED can change its color up to 1920 times per revolution. This results in a "resolution" of 460,000 pixels. At 15 revolutions per second, the globe uses the inertia of the human eye. Light continues to act on the retina for a while so that fast changing individual images are perceived as a continuous sequence. This effect is called persistence of vision (POV). Catley uses an FPGA with an HDMI connector to control the LEDs. To bring your own pictures to the globe, there should be apps for iOS and Android, the designs to a Raspberry Pi with Wifi module in the globe.
Great goals
A prototype with a functioning housing, including mechanics, PCB and its firmware are already finished. The PCB and housing should be reworked for mass production. Also the Raspberry Pi module with Wifi, the apps, prepared display pictures and the testing of hardware and software is still pending. In particular the optimization of the motor and the sound insulation of the housing should be interesting. In order to achieve the required 900 revolutions per minute, the prototype has a three-phase alternator. In the advertising video is no sound of the engine, but only music to be heard. Even if Catley has been working on a Globe since 2012 and the producers have already selected, the targeted date of delivery November 2018 is sporting.


The Crowdfunding runs until 3 October. At present, the total funding of 60,000 pounds (approximately 68,000 euros) is only around 16,000 pounds (18,000 euros). The Globe can still be pre-ordered for 575 pounds (625 euros). Alternatively, there is also a T-shirt as a reward.
POV-globe building itself
A POV-Globe with red and blue LEDs to assemble itself we have presented in issue 3/16. Based on the Arduino nano and sliders for driving the LEDs, it is much easier to build, but still fascinating to look at. In addition, there is a mini POV-Globe in the heise shop as a kit, which they get online or at the Maker Faires. If you like something more unusual, you can also rebuild the Prophelix. LED stripes are arranged offset, like a helix, in order to achieve three-dimensional effects.




Autonomous driving: Apple

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