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34C3: Snowden Calls for Donations for Refugees

Friday, December 29th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

    Via Skype, the refugees were switched on the 34C3, who once sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong.
                (Image: Detlef Borchers)
             Hooked up by video, the NSA whistleblower praised hackers as big doubters. He urged his audience to donate to the refugees who hid him in Hong Kong.


        It is not often that a congress lecture is repeated the following year. Sadly, it happened in Leipzig this time around: the situation of the refugees who hid Edward Snowden from the secret services in Hong Kong remains as bad as it was a year ago. And it continues to deteriorate: as her lawyer Richard Tibbo told, the Hong Kong city government does not want to recognize her as a refugee. She has largely canceled support services for the two families that host Snowden, and arrested and interrogated Snowden's then bodyguard.
"Refugees are not welcome all over the world," Tibbo said, urging hackers to donate to their clients. At the conclusion of the very emotional event, Vanessa Rodel responded to the question of whether she would act like that again and hide Snowden, with a clear yes.
"The world needs hackers" Previously, Edward Snowden was video-connected from Moscow. He also appealed to the congress visitors to help the refugees. "I want you to put yourself in the position of these people for a moment, you're one of the best I've ever met in my life, they're incredibly brave people, I'm worried about their safety."


          Via Skype, lawyer Richard Tibbo (right) spoke on the stage with Edward Snowden on the 34C3.
          (Image: Detlef Borchers)

    But Snowden also had encouraging words for the audience. The work of the hackers is more important than ever, because the world relies on the people who still saw through the technology. Anyone who doubts and distrusts the promises of industry and politics is a hacker. Doubt is the first form of resistance: "This year has shown how valuable our skepticism is – the world needs hackers." Finally, Snowden was asked if he had had any contact with Russian authorities in Hong Kong, a question he supposedly could not understand acoustically.
 (Detlef Borchers) /




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