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30 Years Radio Glasnost: News from the Underground – Berlin

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | bitcoin updates

The strongest jamming transmitter with a power of 1000 watts was placed on the television tower at Alexanderplatz. The regular technicians of the stratum concerned had been "informed of the measure and silenced" by their superiors, as the Ministry of State Security XIX, in its "Information on the initiation of interferences against the radio broadcasting, Radio Glasnost" wrote. In addition to this, small jamming transmitters had been installed mainly in the district of Mitte, but also in Prenzlauer Berg, Johannisthal, Potsdam, Babelsberg and Basdorf. In the meantime, the flood of unwanted, since oppositional information had finally disappeared to become. Name of this second such action: "David 2" .David vs. Goliath? Did the Stasi look like David, who offered the Goliath "Glasnost" the forehead, even to bring him down? Although the editorship behind the attacked radio program was a David, even a successful one, who certainly played a part in the events of 9 November 1989. "Radio Glasnost" – "Radio Glasnost", whose first regular broadcast on that day, Thursday 30 years ago, between 9 pm and 10 pm, was not a pirate sender like the short-lived "Schwarze Kanal", with the West Berlin Autonome in 1986 from the roof of a brick house in Kreuzberg East Berlin opposition parties. "Radio Glasnost – out of control" was a radio station of the left-wing private radio, Radio 100, which broadcast on the frequency 100.6 in the evening between 19 and 23 o'clock, then later switched to 103.4 with two hours expanded program. The editorial offices were located in the Potsdamer Straße in Schöneberg, was broadcast by the Kreuzberger Postscheckamt at the Landwehrkanal.Radio Glasnost was the voice of the opposition On July 22nd there had been a short pilotsend. "The manuscript comes from beyond the wall," the presenter, Ilona Marenbach, had informed the listeners, and at the same time described the principle of the entire program, which ran from 31 August on every last Monday of the month, a total of 27 times until the opening of the wall Function was lost and set.

"Radio Glasnost" – that was the voice of the opposition, these were contributions "from and over the GDR", reports or announcements about events, mixed with music from the underground, smuggled on paper or cassette from the GDR and in the small Glasnost- Editorial staff around the radio-100 editor Dieter Rulff and the expatriate GDR Oppositional Roland Jahn, now Federal Commissioner for the Stasi documents, made.

In the Stasi's view. Roland Jahn, later on "Radio Glasnost", secretly photographed in April 1982. Photo: ImagoIn the first regular program was reported about the "Kirchentag von unten" in the Friedrichshainer Pfingstkirche and the expatriate writer Jürgen Fuchs "about his , Experiences in the West 'and' on the political situation in the GDR '. The second disturbed broadcast The topics in the second disturbed broadcast of 25 April 1988 were the meeting of the synod Berlin-Brandenburg or the question of the military service refusal in the NVA. Also, a sample from a lake near East Berlin, contaminated with environmental toxins, was smuggled to West Berlin and analyzed. The test turned out to be safe, a Stasi informer in the editorial office had exchanged.

Stasi CEO Mielke ordered the fight against radio Stasi's chief Erich Mielke personally, at the end of September 1987, had informed the heads of all departments of his ministry about the new danger from the aether and ordered the "operational reconnaissance, processing and control of the object, radio 100". Its activities should also focus on the informants in the GDR, and the impact of the programs, especially on young people, should be assessed. Mielke went from 120 kilometers to the east, to Poland, to the west to Magdeburg, to the north to Neubrandenburg and to the south to just before Leipzig. The seriousness of the new flood of information is already evident a dizziness in the typescript of the broadcast of the broadcast of 25 April 1988. "Ilona Marenbach had attributed debt of" billions "to the GDR, the" Stasi "wrote" millions. "The editorial staff had noticed the successful interferences of parts of the program TV would be able to push in like a writing-board, which would be: Attention, sending disturbance in the area Berlin-East. "Also she gave the recommendation to put the receiver on mono, in order to attenuate the disturbance.Action" David "was not pursued in many parts of East Berlin, was difficult or impossible to understand in important passages, whereas in the western part of the city – the Stasi technicians had paid attention – they remained largely undisturbed. However, action "David" was not pursued. Erich Mielke and his flukes had realized that they were only giving more attention and new listeners through their technical countermeasures.Radio Glasnost had fulfilled his mission. The last broadcast took place on 27 November 1989, but no longer by means of clumsily smuggled manuscripts or tapes. Now the representatives of the various opposition groups were sitting in front of the microphone in the studio. Radio Glasnost had fulfilled his mission.


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