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15 years Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin: Glyphosate dispute overshadows anniversary – Economy

Thursday, November 30th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

It is a miraculous coincidence that the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) celebrates its 15th birthday this week in Berlin. Thus, despite all the festivities on Wednesday in the Akademie der Künste, the atmosphere was somewhat tense due to the unilateral arrival of the Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt (CSU) at the glyphosate vote on Monday in Brussels. Finally, the Institute came in the wake of the scandal again in the criticism. Environmentalists accuse the BfR of not having worked independently and transparently in its study on glyphosate. There is some doubt about the Institute's judgment on the use of the herbicide glyphosate. Minister Schmidt apologizes. Minister Schmidt was invited to a birthday party, but he was apologized by his colleague Maria Flachsbarth, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture. She emphasized the integrity and independence of the institute and spoke cautionary words: it was dangerous to exploit an independent institute politically. Renate Künast, former Federal Minister for Consumer Protection and one of the initiators of the BfR, also did not leave the political scandal of Monday uncommented: she wanted more transparency from the BfR, especially when publishing the sources used. She was speechless about Schmidt's vote on Monday, because "clearly right was violated here. No-one alone can decide on a whole government. "The words of praise from study friend Bernhard Url, President of the European Food Authority Efsa, only had words of praise for his colleague and study friend Andreas Hensel, President of the Institute. The criticism of the work of the BfR lacked any basis and stems therefore that the results of the BfR did not fit into the world view of some politicians. A member of the Bundestag said to him a few days ago: "If the Schmidt for the glyphosate is right, then we must be against it." That was "politically understandable," said Url, "but scientifically reprehensible."


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