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10,316 days with and without the Berlin Wall: Freedom has gained time – Berlin

Sunday, February 4th, 2018 | bitcoin updates

Time is racing, our time is racing. Time was at a standstill, stood almost still, a short while back then – so stillness betrays that it hurt. This was also our time, our city, divided into the streets, torn families, yearnings were included: 10,316 days stood the wall in Berlin. In the middle of a city that should be forever two; in the midst of two half of Germany, whose people could not do this forever: being separated from each other. What a blessing from the bottom of my heart when the wall broke on people's bravery on a Thursday in November 1989. Tomorrow, on a Monday in February 2018, that's already 10,316 days ago. From now on, freedom has also gained time. What a blessing. It is up to us to make something common in the next 10,316 days. Because the new whole Germany is in the next upheaval: what gives hold in a rapidly globalizing world in which regions are extinguished, milieus fall apart, robotized worlds in which our time is lost? The answer is simple, but difficult in individualized everyday life: one can only give one another mutual support. For freedom, one struggles in the miniature. New walls in thinking do not make certain certainties disappear again, new foreclosures do not make the old homeland more beautiful; only the heart tighter. One lesson from the peaceful East German revolution is that freedom is first and foremost fought on a small scale – by giving one's neighbor and even the next best his or her own freedom.Take time for one another, curiosity for each other, no matter how different one is, this one Luxury should want to afford the happily united, but not yet inwardly united Germany. Breakthroughs, no matter how fast they happen, always need time to listen and interact. Otherwise, the people who are to make a departure from an era, feel left alone. It is never too late for curiosity. Walls have a long echo, even if they have disappeared more than 28 years, as in Berlin. The past is engraved inside; Behind smoothly renovated facades, many people still feel old differences and new uncertainties. With the naked eye to see the former limit is barely, but it is noticeable not least in different election results. Time heals wounds, just not the lack of esteem. It is never too late for curiosity.

The GDR moves away in calendars and memories with each new day. Nevertheless, it never becomes a footnote of history. It remains a part of Berlin, also because of the international fascination for a once walled city, which found new freedom in the upheaval and reinvented itself as a world metropolis. The division is also part of the millions of lives we can learn about, just 10,316 days later. With this special issue of the Tagesspiegel, we want to make you want to loosen up internal borders and look at our city with new eyes. Stop, you can only give each other. We have the freedom to do this, let us take the time. All the articles available online for our special edition can be found on a topic page at www.tagesspiegel.de/10316tageDer Tagesspiegel am Sonntag has eight special pages on the subject that you can read in the printed newspaper and in the e-mail. Can read paper.



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