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1. Mittweida blockchain ideas competition: Which concepts could be implemented?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 | bitcoin updates

Mittweida was from 18.09. until 22.09.2017 in terms of blockchain technology of the navel of Germany. The Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida (BCCM), which was founded in June 2017, organized the Blockchain Autumn School – the world's first event format of this kind. 125 participants from user and consulting companies, universities as well as students from all over Germany took part in theory and practice sessions. Unlike a traditional conference, the Blockchain Autumn School is an education and training program that does not require any special pre-requisite knowledge of the pre-requisite, and for which the participants receive a certificate. The program consisted of lectures and internships on the computer on subjects such as cryptography, bitcoin, ethereum and smart contracts. The students were allowed to participate free of charge by sponsors such as Volksbank Mittweida, Fiducia, DZ Bank, Slock.it, Quadrio and Sopra Steria, on the one hand, are interested in the subject and on the other hand they also have an interest in skilled employees in this promising field. The companies themselves enriched the program through practical lectures, in which they presented their own activities. The social highlight of the week was the get-together, which was attended by around 50 other blockchain enthusiasts from the blockchain Meet-up Saxony, which was relocated to Mittweida for this evening. The award ceremony of the first Mittweida blockchain ideas contest took place to which the top 10 participants were able to present their ideas. Antonia Leibl and Maik Benndorf received the third prize for their idea to make e-books resellerable with the help of smartcontracts. Corinna Mauersberger won the second prize with her idea of ​​a blockchain-based digital organ donor index, which guarantees nationwide transparency and proof-of-security. Tim Bansemer and Stefanie Walter won the idea of ​​a blockchain assessment center, which allows the evaluation of job applicants according to their abilities. The prizes were donated by the company Slock.it from Mittweida. The winners of the first Mittweida blockchain ideas contest. v. l .: Dr. Matthias Fuhrland (BCCM), Antonia Leibl, Corinna Mauersberger, Tim Bansemer, Christoph Jentzsch (Slock it), Prof. Dr. Andreas Ittner (BCCM) "It has left a lasting impression on most of the attendees that both the university management and the Lord Mayor and the board of the Volksbank Mittweida announced the joint vision of a shop window region for blockchain technology. On the Blockchain map, Mittweida is now located between cities like Tokyo, New York or Zug in Switzerland ", summed up Prof. Dr. Andreas Ittner. The next format of this kind will be the Blockchain Spring School, which is from 5.03. to 9.03.2018 and will focus on private and syndicated blockchains. Many participants in the Autumn School have already announced their return to Mittweida in March. Now they also know where Mittweida is on the map. About Sven Wagenknecht Sven Wagenknecht is the chief editor of BTC-ECHO and is responsible for the editorial department, as well as business development. After studying as a banker, he studied politics and economics in Münster and completed various career positions, for example, in one of the leading company consultations and the Federal Ministry of Economics. In the field of blockchain technology, he is particularly fascinated by the long-term implications for politics, society and the economy. As a speaker, most recently at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017, he talks about the macroeconomic potential of the blockchain. All posts by Sven Wagenknecht Similar posts


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